February 2021

Degrading Forest Ecosystems in the Name of Collaboration

“Islamo-Leftism”: Macron’s Witch Hunt Against Critical Academics

Republican Hypocrisy is No Reason to Support Neera Tanden

Big Victory in Yellowstone Ecosystem as Biden Administration Pulls Massive Henry’s Fork Logging and Burning Scheme

HR 1’s Campaign Finance Program: A Reform that Doesn’t Reform

Trouble in the Connecticut Suburbs: Revolutionary Road Revisited

The Jackie Robinson of Architecture

Confronting the Digital Divide: New York City vs. Verizon

Cuomo’s Cover-up Will be Most Effectively Weaponized by the Right

The Mass Deception Machine of Computational Propaganda

First English, Then American, and Now Muslim Francophobia

Fossil Fuel Shock Doctrine

Syria, Right Now

Universality or Fighting Over Scraps

GameStop Hearing Exposes a Sick Business Model Destined to Exacerbate Wealth Inequality in America

The Green New Deal Threatens Republicans’ Bread and Butter (It’s not Just Competition in the Battle of Ideas)

Biden’s Possible Strategic Blunder

Compartmentalizing Woody Allen … or Not

Plutonium in Space: What Are the Odds of a Catastrophe?

Snap Decisions: Victoria’s Third Lockdown

The Race to Save the Vaquita Porpoise From Extinction

Mourning Dr. Agha Saeed, Celebrating his Life

Notes on Black History Month, 2021: No More Black Messiahs, Please

Beyond Trump and Biden: A Progressive Party Can Rise

Rohingya: The Sufis of Arakan

Capitol Riots Were a Dark Day for American Journalism

Welcoming a Return to Sanity

Morons, Vaccines and Tennis: Booing at the Australian Open

India’s Farm Crisis: “They Sell Our Wheat to Us at Thrice the Price”

The Fake Debate Over a Minimum Wage

Joe Biden and “Open Borders”: As If

One Flew Over the US

GOP Offers Preview of Brutal Climate Policies in Texas

Job Listing

Ten Steps Biden Can Take Toward Peace

“Apocalypse Cow:” Point Reyes National Seashore Launches a Propaganda War Targeting Independent Journalism

Why Didn’t Speaker Pelosi Want Witnesses?

Saving the Classics from Blindness

Who Messed with Texas?

Facebook Unfriends Australia: The Triumph of Epistemic Chaos

Abby Martin

Better News on the Climate

Power Plays: The Bipartisan Origins of Energy Deregulation

Truth Telling or True Confessions?

America’s Future: Trillionaire Trust Fund Babies?

Should Iran Even Take Us Back?

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Trump Impeachment and Swiss Burqa/Niqab Vote

Trump Should be Indicted

Right Back at You: Tribes Fight Back Against the Rightwing Assaults on Deb Haaland

How the Drug War Succeeded: Dr. Carl Hart Comes Out… Swinging

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