February 2021

The Anatomy of Fascism Denial

How the CIA Helped to Crush Turkey’s Post-War Left

Refriended in Defeat: Australia Strikes a Deal with Facebook

A Firefighter Election: Can Veteran of Wisconsin Uprising Rescue the IAFF?

Molly Ivins Can Say That About Texas

San Francisco Blues, 101

Capitalism and Political Violence at Home and Abroad

Joe Biden’s US Foreign Policy: Return to the Old Normal?

Imagining Palestine: On Barghouti, Darwish, Kanafani and the Language of Exile

Illusion Geopolitical Unmasked: the Metastasis  Global of ‘New Normal’

Biden’s Reckless Syria Bombing Is Not the Diplomacy He Promised

When Power Grids Secede: What Happened in Texas

“America is Back”: Make the Best of It

Danny Glover: “The Best Anti-Poverty Program is a Union”

Vladimir Putin’s Very Bad Week

Tales of the Mighty Whitey: Deep Diving in the Dark Web Dumpster

Windmills: The New Scapegoat

UN Report Condemns US Economic Sanctions Against Venezuela

China’s Big New Market…in China

Logging the South Plateau: Another Forest Service Con Job

A New Cold War on a Scalding Planet: Biden, Climate Change, and China

American Gulag

Health Care and Colonialism: A Sickness Unto Death

Canadian Support for the Dictatorship in Haiti

RIP Mean Old Uncle Rush

It’s Time for Major Wealth Redistribution — Yes, I Mean It.

What Lawrence Ferlinghetti Means to Me

How Real Nazis Came to the Americas: the Recruitment of Klaus Barbie

We Need Democracy, Not Billionaire Philanthropy

Honor Black Lives by Ending Racist Wars

New Symbolic Role for the Israeli Flag

A Blizzard. A Power Outage. A Failure of the Heart.

Just Die

The Good, The Bad and the Profound

Biden’s Opportunity with China

A Cineaste’s Picks for the Best Films of 2020

The Course of Chile’s Revolt, Seen from the Streets: Interview with Victoria Garcés López

The Guantánamo Nightmare Has to End

How Sir Kier Starmer Got His New Labour Mojo Back!

Small Towns and Rural Communities Need Transit, Too

Bitcoin and Baseball Cards

Now He Sings, Now We Sob

Beyond “Missed Opportunities”: How Should Revolutionaries respond to Judas and the Black Messiah?

Big Victory in Yellowstone Ecosystem as Biden Administration Pulls Massive Henry’s Fork Logging and Burning Scheme

Dr. Osterholm’s Warning: COVID Hurricane on the Horizon

What Planet Is NATO Living On?

How The US Fails Its Most Vulnerable

Republican Hypocrisy is No Reason to Support Neera Tanden

Entertainment, QAnon, and the Politics of Fear

Nomadland: The Impact of Gender-Bias in Wages