January 2021

The Geography of the Nomos

Trump’s Empire

Trump’s Empire

Mad Dog Time

The Economy Was Broken Before the Pandemic Hit

The Lies that Bind

Post-Covid, We Should Take a Leaf Out of Cuba’s Book and Abolish Professional Sports

Dodging Bullets

Do You Remember Cuba’s Dedication to Angola?

Why Biden May Be Less Evil Than Obama and Clinton – and Why This May Not Matter All That Much in the End

The Future of War, American-Style

Hey, Joe, Where You Goin’ With That Pen in Your Hand?

Private Sector is “Efficient” Only at Extracting Money From Public

What Biden Can Do Without Congress (But Won’t)

Trump Crazy and Intellectual Crazy

Roaming Charges: New Days, Old Ways

Farmers’ Protests Reflect Existential Crisis of Indian Agriculture     

War is Not Innate to Humanity: A More Peaceful Future is Possible

It’s Funny, But It’s No Joke!

Biden on Biodiversity: the Silence and the Promise

The Rich The Poor and Climate Change

Why Neoliberal Leaders Who Failed to Protect Their Countries From COVID-19 Must Be Investigated

America Installs a Pope

The New Year Will Be Worse Than the Old Unless We Can Defend Something Besides Capitalism

Inaugural Music

Enough of the T***p! End the White House Trumpery!

Why the Hammonds’ Livestock Shouldn’t be Allowed on Public Land

Killing Nora: The Real Reason Trump Should Have Been Impeached

How the Weather Was

Protect the Wildlands of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

The Message Progressives Should Send to Voters

Veteran Celebrates Nuclear Ban Treaty

Fearing the Palestinian Narrative: Why Israel Banned ‘Jenin Jenin’

How Do We Heal Now?

If I Were a National Republican Lawmaker

Information Paradox

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Trump’s Bombast

Dedicate Presidents’ Day to Healing? Not This Year.

Moving Past Hate: Lessons from the 1960s

Homegrown Fascists

The Persecution of Hazaras

How Capitalism’s Dogged Defenders and Propagandists Defend It From Criticism

COVID vs. World War II

Workers Need Paid Sick Leave, ASAP

Can We Ever Trust the Police Again?

Fossil-Fueled Fascism

The Time I Got Coffee With Hollywood Satanists

Complex Life Threatened

Making New friends: Meet an Iranian

About Suffering: A Massacre of the Innocents in Yemen