The Teachings of America

One teaching taught us that to be anti-war is to be a hateful person, betrayer of your country, deranged.

But that’s a strange teaching.

There’s teachings that say all soldiers are automatically heroes, and as a result, war is holy.

But they didn’t really make sense.

There’s been indirect teachings for centuries that equality is fools’ games.  Taught those in America too.

These teachings taught dysfunction, ruin, and death-dressed-up like the best possible choice.  Of all the ways to live in the world, these teachings taught us to live as though afraid of death, afraid of each other, afraid of stable and sacred and growth-based equality.

In America, these teachings have been plentiful, a dime a dozen, showered in school books and tv news, and by the ruling-class politicians who many blunder about spewing these teachings.

And also, it must be said and shouted from the rooftops that: Americans are not superior.  These teachings of false superiority offend the heart and logic, causing suffering throughout the world.  No people are superior.  None.  Not Hitler’s, nor Biden/Trump’s, no Color, caste or class, not nobody at all.  The thought of it is a death-trap spiral no-need-for-it long and endless road to nowhere good.

There are teachings that are good, that bring life.  You can feel it; they infuse the landscape with true hope and possibility.  You can see it, blooms forever shining springtime, life.

We are life.  We are life itself.

If a teaching brings about ruin, change your course to life.  If a teaching brings about life springing endlessly endlessly endlessly, praise that teaching.

May American tenets be transformed, create life and equality, heal and unite.  This is not far-fetched, it is a simply a hard-fought wonderful choice.  We are life itself, and our minds create reality.

May America revive in the teachings of life.  Illusions influence us to think this seems far-fetched when it really is just a matter of choice, a decision of heart, a determined mind, a tide of will.

May America transform the shadows, stand free in life itself.  May it be a friend to the peoples of the world.  May it praise humanity and equality, live peace and dignity, honoring the courage of people and life itself.

There are many many people everywhere who daily pray in their hearts for a world that spins right, cause and effect creating melodies of memories, full-hearted laughter, joyful engagements, continuing vow.  May this world know peace, security, comfort, joy, harmony, life life life.  Natural, indelible, shining, wonderful life.