October 2020

Do Canadians Know?

Trump is a Hoax, Fake News

Trump, the Culture Wars and the Left

Living in the Neoliberal Apocalypse

LA Sheriffs Attack Compton Protestors, Arrest KPCC Journalist

We Are the Children of Gaza: The Poet, the Fashionista and the Footballer

Trump Can’t Do That, Can He?

A Lesser Man: the Fight to Save Breitenbush

Kiss the Amazon Rainforest Goodbye

Something Far Out of the Norm is Liable to Happen

Why Far-Right Paramilitaries are Not Just “Vigilantes”

Bach’s Final Audit

Eyewitness to the Agony of Julian Assange

Assange on Trial: Abuse of Power, Breaching Attorney-Client Privilege and Adjournment

A Bipartisan Coup d’etat Against the People

Pakistan’s Mughal Syndrome

The Mobster-in-Chief

Burning Thoughts on the Sonoma Fires

The Next Steps in Eviction Defense

Bt Cotton in India is a GMO Template for a ‘Monumental Irreversible Catastrophe’

Beware Self-Serving Messengers: Logging Will Not Prevent Destructive Wildfires

Democracy: It’s Not Dark Yet, But It’s Getting There

Housing Affordability and Insecurity Before and During the Pandemic

On the Brink of Chaos

Fight over the Mediterranean: France’s Proxy War and the Budding Turkish-Russian Alliance

Fracking’s Fall in the San Juan Basin

Masked: A Suburban Haiku

How Ecuador’s Democracy is Being Suffocated

Assange on Trial: Embassy Espionage, Contemplated Poisoning and Proposed Kidnapping

Pendley Lawsuit Proceeds Toward Removing “De Facto” Park Service Director

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