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A Bipartisan Coup d’etat Against the People

The establishment Left labors under the delusion that Trump supporters, if confronted by facts, would simply drop their guns and renounce their Orange Savior. Thus they churn out ham-handed editorials and think pieces with such scintillating headlines as "Why Trump is Wrong on Jobs" and "How Trump Lost the Debate". As usual, they are pontificating in a vacuum, where any real critiques of their own class are drowned out by the drone of the political machines that manufacture consensus on this point. Notice it's always the voters who are to blame for the defective candidates that this infernal machinery produces, rather than the monied interests who fan the flames of social and environmental upheaval, creating the perfect storm that resulted in Donald Trump and pandemic alike.

They would do well to remember that fascists, like farts, don't come out of nowhere. Both are the cumulative outcome of a system in distress; a noxious mingling and buildup of toxic gases that seek release, eventually escaping into the social sphere with unpleasant consequences for all. "Stand Back and Stand By". There is no shrewder political operative on the campaign trail than Trump's own sphincter. Unlike its rivals, it doesn't try to determine which way the wind blows, it creates the wind. It was this force of nature that blew Joe Biden off the debate stage.

The bland punditry of the 'The Resistance' misses the mark entirely, as it lays the blame squarely on an underclass too stupid (in their view) to comprehend algorthim-derived data sets presented on a bar graph that prove that Trump's job numbers are as accurate as his attempts to navigate his urine stream inside the toilet bowl. Adding further insult, they are now acting all surprised that the peasants are greeting their neoliberal overlords with racial slurs and assault rifles on one side, and demands for racial justice on the other. Never mind, either, that that their "scientific" polling data handed Hillary Clinton a "slam dunk" in 2016, only later to re-define the phrase to mean "a cannonball nosedive into the drained side of the swamp".

Trump meanwhile, promises his "useless eater" base deliverance into a giant, revolving steakhouse in the sky, where everything is fancy and nice, especially the chocolate cake . . . And the ruling class's stenography pool still wonders why they are failing to convince the rubes that Joe Biden - a thin slice of veal served on a single, wilted lettuce leaf - can compete with "donkey sauce" slathered on aged and burnt Black Angus sirloin. Trump is the dead man's boner booster. Biden is a boner killer full stop.

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