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October 2020

When Does Incompetence Become a Crime?

Amy Coney Barrett, Constitutional Precedent, and the Problem of Originalism

Large-Scale Permafrost Thawing

Fighting Racism in the US Marine Corps

Nuclear War Makes a Comeback

Decisive Victory of MAS in Bolivia: A Blow to Anti-Indigenous and Anti-Socialist Coups in the Americas

Britannic Impunity: Torture and the UK Overseas Operations Bill

America’s New Policy of Demoting Democracy

Voting Heroes

Amazonia: In the Flames, They See Money

Will ‘Nones’ Bring a Progressive Future?

Rule Draconia: Tories and Labor Collude in Enabling Act for State Crimes

In Trump’s America, There Is Death Before Due Process

The Courts v. Democracy

Sound and Fury

Reframing America’s Role in the World

The War on Cuba and Venezuela

Waiting for a Vaccine and the Collaborative Research Alternative

Corporatist Judge Barrett – Two More Senate Abstentions Needed to Stop Trump

Abbie Hoffman: the Man at Gate 5

Taxpayers Shell Out Huge Subsidies to Wolf Pup-Killer’s Ranching Enterprise


Money Rules

May 2020, May 1968

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