October 2020

Thomas Becker – Episode 169

Recovering Mexican Spotted Owls and Restoring Trust

Cultivated Lunacy, Nuclear Deterrence and Banning the Nuke

California’s Proposition 15 Would Reform Prop 13: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A Lot More People Elected Jack Dorsey Than Elected Ted Cruz

Ending Regime Change – in Bolivia and the World

Bighorns From Two Herds are Sick and Dying Due to Disease Spread by Domestic Sheep

Epigrams for Election Day

The Scary Truth is Many Senate Dems Share the Same Corporate Agenda as Amy Coney Barrett

How Venezuela Has Held Back COVID-19 in Spite of the U.S. Sanctions Stranglehold on Its Economy

How the War Came Home, Big Time

Why At Last Trump Is (Most Likely) Toast

Roaming Charges: High Anxiety

France: No Change for Thirty Years

Could Poor Voters Decide the Election?

An Immigrant Nation, Defined by Racial Inequality

Trump-Biden II: Dueling Billionaire-Backed Liars

No Excuses: Historic New Zealand Election Challenges Labor Movement

Electoral Forecast: Clear with a Chance of Golden Showers

Ginsberg’s America: an American Poet Describes an Uncertain Nation 

Zoom Dick Follies

The Final Stampede

The Unseen Agenda Behind Trump: Destroy the Public Realm to Free the Rich

Gibney Does COVID

What Happened to Glenn Greenwald?

Diane di Prima:  Poet of the Great American Counterculture

Trumpism and Césaire’s “Terrible Boomerang Effect”

Woke at the Wake of Democracy, Laughing

The First 50 Years of James Bond

How Decades of Corporate-Friendly Farm Policies Wrecked Rural America

Divided We Fall

The Costs of Limited Awareness

Democracy is Colorful, Not Colorblind

Riding With Biden Has Its Consequences Too

The Campus Thought Police: Faux Outrage, Intimidation, and the Threat to Free Speech

More Scary Movies for Anarchists to Watch in the Dark

The Orwellian Ironies of the So-Called Labour Party

Trick or Treating With Trump and Ted

Industrial Food Production and the Pandemic

Can Facebook be Used to Steal an Election?

Overhauling Hong Kong’s Judiciary: The Time Is Right

Democracy Calls Us to Fight the Lesser of Two Evils

Make a Plan to Resist

Pandemic Purgatory: Can Conscious Suffering ‘Up’ the Snowball’s Chance in Hell?

Manufacturing Happy People

Wild Mexican Wolves at Risk

The End of CounterPunch as We Know It?

Will Trump Really Leave?

Toward a Small Farm Future

Trump and Biden: Cold-War Dinosaurs