Ten Trump-Away Haiku

Ten Trump-Away Haiku

The most important
election of our lifetimes –
the planet’s future

Lies, lies and more lies
a man with no decency —
what happened to truth?

Nero fiddled
while Rome burned —
Trump watches Fox News

Who is smarter —
the very stable genius
or the virus?

The Germans thought they
could control their loud-mouthed clown —
turned out not so well

a second four-year term —
where to go?

He holds up a bible
upside down
and the words fall out

Using the White House
as a prop – worthy of Hitler
at Nuremberg

Chants of twelve more years
as if they can hardly wait
for democracy to end

In this election
vote as though the very future
were at stake

David Krieger is president emeritus of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (www.wagingpeace.org).