July 2020

To Start a War

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Winning Requires Vision, Strategy, and Numbers

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Trump is Daring Us to Stop Him

Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, the U.S. War Machine Presses On

Biden Surges in the Polls But Trump Doubles Down on the Economy to Stop Him

Revisions on China: Abandoning the Nixon Legacy

Donald Trump and the Use of Psychology

Raise the Social Cost: an Important Strategic Concept

The Bonus Army Protest

Two Rebels Against the Establishment: Oliver Stone and Edward Snowden

“What Should My Family Do?” Out of Work, Food and Money in Maharashtra

The United States Faces Irreparable Damage in a Cold or Hot Conventional War with China and its Allies



A City Too Far

The Media Manipulator: Why Trump’s Distractions May Not Save Him This Time

Lawless State: Go Ask Donald, Joe, and Barack