July 2020

A Singular Campaign: Trump, Pence, Biden, ?

Who Will Come to America’s Aid?

Zombie Seizures: the Hacking of Twitter

Scoring Fascism

Ohio Nuclear Power Scandal

Donald Trump and the Use of Psychology

A Battle Over Water Resources: Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan’s Impending Water War

Epistemic Democracy: Elizabeth Anderson and Deweyian Experimentalism

Israel’s Jewish National Fund is Uprooting Palestinians – Not Planting Trees

The Antifa Bogeyman

Don’t be Out-Zucked by Facebook

The $24 an Hour Minimum Wage

“Two Less Stomachs to Feed”: a Murder/Suicide Under Lockdown in Palghar

“There’ll Be Some Changes Made”: Current and Future American Policing

King Joe and the Round Table: Biden’s America in a Multipolar World 

Why Palestinian-Israeli Prisoners Exchange Deal Could Happen Soon?

Letter from America: An Empire Unglued

High and Dry in the Mojave

Promoting Study in the USA in Trying Times

The Coronavirus-Climate-Air Conditioning Nexus

Okinawa: Will the Pandemic Transform U.S. Military Bases?

America’s Penis Envy of the Nazis

Cops and Constitutions

Total Masking: Victoria’s Coronavirus Response

Who Ought to Govern, the President and the People, or the National Security State?

Defending the US Against Looming Presidential Dictatorship

The Poetry of a Movement to Change This Country

Little Apples Will Grow Again: the EU, Ireland and the Apple Tax Case

Let the Banks Go Under and Put Money Into the Real Economy

Brutalized by Thugs

Long Overdue for Latin America

Moment of Supreme Danger: Trumpism-Fascism Rears its Head

Beyond John Muir’s Racism: The Sierra Club and the Changing Face of Environmentalism

Washington Governor Urged to Order New Rules to Reduce Wolf-Killing; State has Killed 31 Endangered Wolves Since 2012

Dear Roger Williams University: Tax The Rich And Pay Your Share!

The Palace Letters and Royal Secrecy

Young Man Trump: Or the Portrait of a President as a Young Man

Save the Saffel Wolf Pack

Losing Thoreau in Boston

The Forest Service Has Failed to Protect Wilderness

Sitting Idol in Locked-Down Kumartuli

Trump’s Last Hand

Weaponizing Intellectual Property: the Scientist and the Spy

The UK’s Sinking Brexit Ship

Iran-China Deal Must be Green

Bats With Napalm Vests and Other Great American Innovations

Trumpfen Sturmabteilung (Trump’s Stormtroopers)

Militarism and COVID-19

Tear Gas, Beatings and Projectiles in Portland

Time is Not on Our Side in Libya

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