July 2020

The Media Manipulator: Why Trump’s Distractions May Not Save Him This Time

SCOTUS’ Birth Control Decision Favors Medicare for All

Climate Change Litigation: the Australian Government Gets Sued

Police Are The Real Cancel Culture

The Volatile Path to Democracy in Ethiopia


Fed Guarantees Unproductive Debt and Perilous Speculation


Lawless State: Go Ask Donald, Joe, and Barack

Three Questions for the “Resistance”

Black Left Views on American Elections Matter

Moral Crusader & Muckraking Novelist

Snowden’s Mission

Why Leftism – All the Way to Anarchism – is the Last Colonial Project

Yemen’s Unending War

COVID-19: Cuba Wages a War for Which it is Well Prepared

Our Enemy, Law and Order

The Dark Side of Fredric Jameson’s Moon

EUROPE: German – Russian Relations

Historians’ Beef with the New York Times 1619 Project’s View of the American Revolution

Privatization vs. People

Death Valley Daze

In Defense of Hamilton, an American Musical: It’s Not History, It’s a Show

A Singular Campaign: Trump, Pence, Biden, ?

Scoring Fascism

Zombie Seizures: the Hacking of Twitter

Who Will Come to America’s Aid?

Patriotic Dissent: How a Working-Class Soldier Turned Against “Forever Wars”

Epistemic Democracy: Elizabeth Anderson and Deweyian Experimentalism

A Battle Over Water Resources: Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan’s Impending Water War

Ohio Nuclear Power Scandal

Israel’s Jewish National Fund is Uprooting Palestinians – Not Planting Trees

The Antifa Bogeyman

Donald Trump and the Use of Psychology

The Making of Oliver Stone, the Unmaking of Hollywood

Unfit to Lead and Unqualified to Serve: Why William Perry Pendley Cannot be the Head of the Bureau of Land Management

High and Dry in the Mojave

We Can’t Deny Our History, Can It Guide Us to Become Anti-Racist?

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Oil Money to Fund Public Lands

Thawing Arctic Permafrost

The New Cold War Heats Up

Letter from America: An Empire Unglued

How the Barr Justice Department Works

A New Bill of Rights

Taibbi, Harper’s and the Intellectual Dark Web

“We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident”

Change the System, Yes, But How?

Porgy and Bess in the Time of BLM

Catch and Kill: the Protection Racket Used by Trump, Weinstein, Epstein and Wall Street

2020 Vision Will Show You What is True, if You Can Keep Your Sanity

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