July 2020

Getting Beyond the Green New Deal

Forward to the Past

A.I. in the Time of COVID-19


The UK and US are Starting a New Cold War with Russia and China, So What are These Governments Trying to Hide?

Robert M. Gates’ “Exercise Of Power”: More Confessions From a Windsock

Trump Administration Wants to Deprive Cubans of Food

What Lies Ahead

Watching Constitutionally Protected Freedoms Die in Oregon

What Happens When School Reopens? A Teacher’s Letter to His Administration

Trump AWOL on Coronavirus

Pharma Tries to Cash in on Covid Shutdowns With Its Best-Selling Drug

“How Trump Stole 2020″— An Interview With Greg Palast

Is a Feminist City Potentially a Humane City?

Outside the Clinic Doors

Be Kind to Those Offended By It

Imagine Yourself With Two Abusive Boyfriends …

The Disastrous Handling of the Pandemic is Libertarianism in Action, Will Americans Finally Say Good Riddance?

The Ghost of Sabato Rodia

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Angel Olsen and Hand Habits “Walls”

Economic Crisis and the Question of Capitalism

Why Government Mostly Helps People Who Need It the Least…Even During a Crisis