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We are nearing the end. But if we don’t reach our modest goal, we will have to cut back on content and run advertisements (how annoying would that be?). So please, if you have not done so, chip in if you have the means.

June 2020

Why and How to Defund the Police

Rio de Janeiro: Police Violence and Solidarity

Reaction in a Time of Protest: Black Lives Matter and Its Critics

Trump Hammers Cuba While Cuba Cures the Sick

Police Culture in the United States

Trump’s Desperate, Despicable Diversions

White Privilege: the Psychic Wage, Mass Incarceration and Class Solidarity

A Fatal Skirmish on the Line of Actual Control

Recipe for Disaster: Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap

Why Must the People Protest?

Conservation Conversion Charade in Montana

“Ballot Access Fairness”: the Answer is Already in Some Voters’ Hands

Fire Scar Historical Reconstructions: Accurate or Flawed?

Corrupt Propositions: AstraZeneca, Public Institutions and the Coronavirus Vaccine Drive

Bay Area Juneteenth Event Includes Protest Against Right Wing Billionaire Fisher Family: Taking Public Space from Minorities in SF and Oakland


Miles Davis on Getting Stopped By The Police

The Return of Nature

Get Rid of the Presidency

Inside CHAZ: An “Autonomous” Three Block-Long Seattle Street Threatens America, What?

Bringing America to the Knee

What Trump Continues to Say (About the Plague)

Structural Racism

Three Populists and Three Women

U.S. Fight Against Racism and Repression Reaches New Heights