June 2020

A Superpower in Chaos

The Coup Against ‘The Most Loyal Ally’

The Police Are The Out-Of-Towners Provoking Violence

Biden and the Common Sense Voter

The Birds of Brooklyn

The Murder of George Floyd is Normal for an Abnormal Society

“Total Domination”: Popular Rebellion in the Shadow of Trumpism-Fascism

It is Happening Here

The BLM’s License to Destroy Sagebrush Ecosystems

Trump’s “Free Speech:” Doctrine: Never, Ever, Ever Mention He’s a Liar

Is It Time to Boycott the USA?

An Unavoidable Recognition of Failure: Trump’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Sinister Flatulence: Trump Versus Twitter

Global Warming is Nuclear War

Beating Swords to Plowshares

The Absurdity of Hope

Amy Cooper is Christian Cooper’s Lost, Younger Sister 

“Failed State” Status Here We Come

How Much Violence and Destruction is Enough for Depraved American Leaders and Their Subjects?

U.S. Urban Riots Revisited

Bolsonaro and Trump: Separated at Birth

Deploying Federal Troops in a War at Home Would Make a Bad Situation Worse

This Is Not a Revolution. It’s a Blueprint for Locking Down the Nation

In Defense of Antifa

The Enemy Within

Malcolm X on Being American

What is Capitalism?

On Sheep, Shepherds, Wolves and Other Political Creatures

The Impact of Upward Redistribution on Social Security Solvency

We Need a Public Option for Banking

Who Are the Secret Puppet-Masters Behind Trump’s War on Iran?

Federal Prisons Should Not be Death Chambers

Is the Pandemic Creating a Resurgence of Unionism? 

“Do Not Resuscitate”: My Experience with Hospice, Inc.

Why the Neoliberal Agenda is a Failure at Fighting Coronavirus

All Night Jazz All The Time

An Impending Crisis: COVID-19 in Haiti, Ongoing Instability, and the Dangers of Continued U.S. Deportations

An Open Letter to Joe Biden on Race

The Second Longest War in the United States

Racial Domestic Terrorism and the Legacy of State Violence

A Simple Model for Global Warming

The Return of the “Outside Agitator”

“You Loot; We Shoot”

Eruptions of Rage

It’s a Class War Now Too

Our Disaster: Why the United States Bears Responsibility for Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis

Virus as Vehicle: How COVID-19 Advances Trump’s White Supremacy Plans