April 2020

In Honor of Earth Day

Stopping Trump’s Demonic Reversals of the Long-term Benefits of the First Earth Day April 22, 1970

The Impacts of Trains and Railways on Grizzly Bears

Young American Scholars: Give Them Their $6.25 Billion Already

How the Nicaraguan Opposition Distorted the Government’s Response to COVID-19

Post Office Party

Locked Down with Cancer on Mumbai’s Footpaths

Coronavirus and Rightwing Rebellion: Retreading a Tired Narrative

Intimations of Barbarism

Why the OPEC+ Deal is a Many-Splendored Thing

I Take Hydroxychloroquine, Please Don’t Hoard It

When Solidarity Mattered: the Seattle General Strike

Covering Corona: Manufacturing Panic, Generating Junk News and More

The Next Pandemic

Orchestrated Amnesia

Post-COVID-19: Yet Another Era to Evolve or Perish

The Carnage of Wolf Trapping in Idaho

Is There Any Better Time Than Now For a General Strike?

A View From a Pandemic: New York During COVID-19

Cowardly Congress Chooses to be AWOL: Shouldn’t Our Elected Representatives be on the Job Providing Essential Services?

Notes on Viral Separation

Covid-19: The Rich, the Poor, the ‘Other’

Howie Hawkins – Episode 150

Starving the Cities and States

Trump’s Beijing Problem: Starting a New Cold War

Pandemic and Protest

Feinstein Urges Newsom to Negotiate with Trump over Increasing Water Exports to Agribusiness

Trump Disrupts the Distinction Between Personal Loyalty & Constitutional Allegiance

The Fire Fauci Brigade

The Next Coronavirus Bill Must Protect the 2020 Elections

De-Funding the World Health Organization: Unethical, Cruel, and Dangerous for the World

Sanders Won the War of Ideas

COVID-19, Poverty and Structural Violence

The Pleasures of Eating Matzo

The Mountains Sing

“Donald J. Trump Ventilators”

Trumpian Nationalists Have Met Their Match in COVID-19

COVID-19 and the Wasting Disease of Normalcy

How Ecuador Descended Into Corona Chaos

The Coronavirus Pandemic and Our Civilizational Crisis

Covid-19 Exposes the Death Penalty’s Selfishness 

A Universal Basic Income is Essential and Will Work

A Patriot’s Day Message

In redwoods, tree sitting continues during pandemic

Fiona Apple – I Want You To Love Me

The Gangster Head of the WHO


Bernie’s Political Funeral 

Time to Declare an Outbreak of Peace