The End of the Parasite Paradigm

Photo by Nathaniel St. Clair

Politicians like Lindsey Graham have been worried that some individuals might get a few cents extra during this crisis if the relief bills are too “generous”. The concern does not extend to corporations that bloat and have essentially no stipulations put upon them from the trough of taxpayer largess. This is the clearest indication that our present-day system is nothing but a false social construct in place simply to ensure a modern- day feudalism. It’s never been about any kind of fiscal responsibility; it’s about making sure there are those who are desperate and scared –so they will keep offering themselves up to a system that chews them up daily (even before COVID19). This, all to ensure those at the top don’t even have to do one honest day of work. It’s also the societal normalization of a lack of empathy.

The fact that people are being called upon to continue making rent and mortgage payments while they are being told to stay home clearly shows the societal rules in place for 99% of us. Rent is due April 1st. There is no relief at this time. Maybe some bread crumbs (taxed of course) distributed in May? Unemployment payments don’t happen quickly (let alone when 3 million plus claims land on them at once) and those who were already unemployed—well, I guess they are screwed even more. How do you look for a job under a lock down order?  Not to mention the whole point of the lock downs are to keep our healthcare system from imploding with too much contact and virus sharing. Shelter/Starve in place, please or go apply at the Amazon germatoriums.

There are people hungry right now. The understanding is that citizens do their part in a society and the federal government provides something in return. How is that reciprocity going now? Looks more like parasitism to me.

The set up was never equitable, but this pandemic has truly laid it all bare. The lack of healthcare for many– so clearly exhibited by the only known case of a teen dying from COVID19 in California shows all of this. They are arguing about his case being “complicated” but the facts are……. this kid got sick with a vicious respiratory ailment, was turned away at Urgent Care for lack of insurance—had to present to a most likely already overloaded ER, and died within just a few days. All the while how much spread of the virus occurred in his community in between being turned away for that initial care? He was positive for COVID19. This is not the workings of a system in place that cares for the little guy. The bills will be enormous for those who present and obtain this shattered healthcare. And make no mistake, it’s just testing the waters to talk about killing off the oldsters, in reality everyone who is not in their wealth class is expendable and always has been, like this poor kid. They want to keep enough workers around to serve them, but anything extra is just not really necessary. We’ve all just been too genteel to speak of it much. It’s been obvious to all that testing has been available for the athletes, the no-symptom Hollywood elites….but try being sick and poor during this time. Many will simply die at home alone. Some deaths are avoidable with a caring system in place. This is a dark and lethal free-for-all.

They knew this was coming our way and nothing was done to mitigate the spread in the form of adequate testing supply distribution, PPE centralized distribution, none of it was done………..

And it’s not about a lack of funds.

The money is there for the corporations. Hell, the Federal Reserve imagines it into being and charges us for the privilege of having it exist. This creature from Jekyll Island (fantastic book) clearly describes why the Fed was  put together on the sly in an out of way place largely in secrecy. It was a heist. Created to “protect” against the volatility and panics of the 1800s—the Fed truly is in place to protect the wealth of the few. Our entire system is held together by willful blindness, economic coercion, and the assumed belief that some are entitled to wealth and parasitism over the rest of us. A Dracula Economy.

Multiple stories are running about the bravery of those on the front lines, that is to say those manning our grocery stores and such. Empty platitudes and minimum wages for the masses. It’s clear these are the people keeping everyone fed yet their importance has never been given a living wage. And now they are expected to get sick and possibly die for the privilege. The right (and liberal left) will say that one should get more training to get out of these jobs–go to college, go in debt, join the military. So many fantastic options!  That is just another way the elite can indicate that the people who do these jobs do not deserve to make enough in wages to have a safe and fulfilling life. They need to be at risk all the time and this is why they don’t have a fucking rainy day savings account. They live on the edge by design and our leaders know this. It’s on purpose because this keeps a compliant workforce in place. These corporate enabler Democrats truly meet the minds of the reactionary right Republicans on these issues. One group simply puts a shine on the social darwinism, but the poor know the corporate Democrats are not their friends, opening up the confusion of some in this group backing the illogical and hateful message from Trump Republicans. They are swirling in confusion, and it’s a ripe situation for scapegoating others like Mexicans and whoever else Donald J. Trump can come up with. He’s a sociopath, and if I were of a religious slant, I’d say the Anti-Christ. He brings out the very worst in everything and everyone he touches. But he’s the product of our system, not the sole cause of this misery. He’s a festering boil on an unclean ass. This is why there’s no toilet paper around.

It’s never been about not being able to pay for it. Any of it.

Never forget that clear and undeniable fact.

Other nations are doing things like guaranteeing larger fund distribution and doing moratoriums on certain types of payments. This is at least a band aid that might catch some blood. The US is simply trying to ensure the workers stay hungry but alive (some of them) so they can keep serving the masters.

The gross incompetence of our leaders may be their undoing. Their greed is unsustainable at this point.

The planet is ill– the human population is ill–what more is needed to show that this current state is in its death throes? It will be one crisis to another because we are at the end of this line.

Parasites can only go on so long before they destroy their host. One way or another, it will be the end of this system.

Kathleen Wallace writes out of the US Midwest. Her writing is collected on her Substack page.