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February 2020

LIV Free or Die

Trump’s ‘Red Meat’ SOTU Speech: US Political Crisis Now Deepens

How Worried Should We Be About the Novel Coronavirus?

Trump’s Imaginary World, Maduro’s Real World

Can the U.S. and Iran Avoid a Disastrous Collision?

From the UN, New Ammo for Egalitarians

Questions for the Iowa Caucus Counters

Republican and Democratic Parties in Turmoil

The “Final Solution” for Palestine?

A Brutal Attack on Justice and Civil Liberties in Imran Khan’s Pakistan

Why are Democratic Candidates Taking Money From Union-Busting Lawyers?

Will 2020 Be Another Victory Year for Trump and Brexit?

To March or Not to March: Why are the Streets Nearly Empty?

Federico Fellini: Author of Cinema

The Divided States of Trumpistan?

Notes on the Caucus

Foster Youth

Exceptional in Inferiority

Impeachment’s Soggy Sanctimony

The War Time Forgot

Fallout from the British Elections

Is Haftar Doing the West’s dirty work in Libya? 

Apocalypse Now: Final Cut?

The Trump Impeachment

Water Wars