February 2020

Live From New Hampshire: God, Country and Electability

The War on Wolves is Part of the Culture War

People are More Frightened of Coronavirus Than They Need to be, But the Culprit is not Who You Think

About Last Week – and the Accelerated Drives to Extinction and Fascism

U.S. Uneasy as Iraq Gets New Prime Minister

The Earth is Dying, But Not Fast Enough

Bt Cotton: Cultivating Farmer Distress in India

West Virginia Legislation Would Make Civil Disobedience Against Gas Pipelines a Felony

Extinction Foretold, Extinction Ignored

Trump Told the Truth Where It Counted…for His Reelection

How Privilege and Woke Politics are Destroying the Left

Mexico’s AMLO Shows How It’s Done

Why the Buttigieg Campaign Tried to Have Me Arrested for Handing Out Information About Medicare for All

How to Yellow-Cake a Tragedy: the NY Times Spreads the Virus of Hatred, Again

East River Seahorse 

Three Old White Guys: Bernie, Biden and Bloomberg

Climate Manipulation and Murdoch’s PR Machine

Turkey’s Latest Quagmire: Intervention in Libya

Libya is Being Torn Apart By Outsiders

Witness for Survival: Existential Choice and Action Constructing Historical Mega Events

DNC in Disarray While the Sanders Campaign Gains Momentum

Failed Prosecutions: Donald Trump Survives the Senate

The Left Becomes Center: Financial Transactions Taxes and Beyond

The Anti-Abortion Hit List From a Rhode Island Priest

Could Trump’s Acquittal Flip the Senate?

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