The Abundance of Faithful Cynicism

I have written the following in the full knowledge that there is no person I personally, physically know who wants to read or hear the following. Counterpunch has my deep thanks for even just considering my thoughts.

I prefer to avoid television. The abundance of misguiding assumptions, especially in what are presented as “news” programs, has, much too frequently in the past, been a source of irritation, feelings of hopelessness, and ejaculations of profanity on my part. The overall effect for me has been to end up in a seemingly cynically dismissive laugh. Big brother’s reinforced bipartisan fakery is especially an obscenity I want to eliminate from my consciousness.

Over the past week, I have had so many encounters with the delusions and deceits of “christ”mas because I have been visiting family and putting myself in positions where the inundation of these capitalized delusions and deceits seemed to be non-stop. I restrained my feelings of depression in the face of all of the Amazon-ian wastefulness because my purpose was to appreciate the moments of connection with my fellow beings (human and otherwise).

As this onslaught was approaching its end, someone else’s need to be exposed to the blathering bullcrap of PBS (it could have been on any of the other corporatized agencies of propaganda) slapped me in the face with a presentation of military personnel (commonly accepted as “human resources”) singing a christmas carol. My brain seemed to be the victim of a stabbing.

Here were presented groups of people who were dedicated to possibly killing any number of other people and violently destroying huge areas of the environment in the name of vain celebrations of supposed (delusional) exceptionalism and purchasing power singing music which was supposed to show that their camouflaging uniformity was a manifestation of Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not believe that Jesus was any more a god than any other human. The offensive-ness of this past week for me is the glaring extent to which the lack of awareness of what could easily be classified as rampant hypocrisy or a corporately endowed disconnection from reality is not seen by its participants.

My belief is limited to the reasonable-ness of the idea of evolution. My own awareness has evolved over the years. This is part of my restraint. I know I cannot force my knowledge on others and I must have patience. Patriotism and religion have become for me two of the most dangerous methods of disconnecting people from themselves. It is more and more clear that the churches and the governments of the world are the dominant purveyors of theological fraudulences which lead people to attach variable value to lives and the environment dependent upon privatizing creeds and that those who are seen as outsiders are dismissed as undeserving of the faithful’s attention – especially as the faithful trumpet their self-serving and separating delusions of grandeur.

It seems the faithful – whether religious or nationalized or both – so frequently have such a desperate need for their faith that it is impossible for them to avoid cynicism. Henry David Thoreau is famous for saying that the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. For years I thought that this was a very perceptive statement, but in today’s world of broadcasts and invasive capitalist deceptions I cannot help but see Thoreau’s assessment as a gross understatement. The sounds and the glares of our desperate feelings of insecurity have become screams.

The intoxicated states within which we humans are screaming can only be remedied by a sober restraint. A secularly focussed, global awareness is our only chance to evolve beyond the celebrated dogmas of domination and predatory economics which are now destroying the supposed promise of a future without gross injustice and more toxic deteriorations. The status quo of democratrepublican deviousness must be put aside as the toxic inebriant which it is. The rampant obfuscations, deceits, and hypocrisy of the democratrepublican corporate capitalist churches have clearly failed to rise above crass fraudulence and they are grossly lacking in self-restraint. They are playing deceitful games upon the corpses of the future as well as the corpses of the past. As much as people insist that Trump is an anomaly, there is a growing mountain of perverse bipartisan evidence which proves otherwise.

They will not do, they are not capable of doing, and they have repeatedly and proudly shown that they have no intention of doing what needs to be done. There is no re-public and there never has been. The acceptance of that fraudulent premise has been and continues to be a man-made religious dogma wherever it has drawn its militarizing lines of delusions around the planet.

Our only chance as a species – and the only chance for enormous numbers of species besides and with us – is if we can evolve beyond nationalities and religions and the “parties” which promote such debilitations. Personally, I would love to see an election in which the majority of people deny their vote (approval) to the game playing, democratrepublican priests and their prisons. They tell us that “freedom” isn’t free, but they don’t tell us that the belief in freedom is also a bait they put into a deceptive and toxic trap.

I have been assumed to be and accused of being both not “pragmatic” and cynical in my thinking by numerous people, but, as little as I want to linger in feelings of hopefulness and as much as I prefer responsible awareness and action instead of hope, I am incapable of not seeing the hypocrisy and cynicism of religions and nationalities. They continue to insist on using evangelized viciousness in the name of their vainly distant gods of domination over each other. They have no faith in what they say they believe. If they did have faith, they wouldn’t need to be as sadistic and greedy and the military would be planting gardens instead of mines and bullets.

I will continue to prefer the understanding of this planet as expressed through the migrations of the other species on this planet, which honestly try to teach me. They are grounded in the greater truth and are truly free of , and disregardful toward, the desperately created, cynical boundaries of humanity.