Where Tulsi Gabbard is Wrong and Where She is Correct

Tulsi Gabbard’s non-vote regarding the impeachment of Donald Trump has made her the target of great disdain from people who identify as democrats.

It seems that her argument to censure Trump instead of seeking an impeachment (which is not likely to be allowed by the senate), while seemingly intolerable by her own party of bipartisan disingenuousness, was based upon the idea that, in Gabbard’s thinking, the democrats and republicans have become too polarized and adversarial to each other.

All of this, from the democrat’s demands for impeachment to the indifference of the republicans to Gabbard’s argument, is delusional rubbish.

The republicans and the democrats are overwhelmingly on the same page when it comes to promoting the noxious delusions associated with the very same perversity which is called american “exceptionalism” and which is most perversely manifest in their devotion to the perverse “manifest destiny” of global, militarized corporate capitalism.

The democrat party and the republican party are two arms of the same toxicity. They are both overwhelmingly filled with people who seem to have been developmentally arrested at the level of high school cliques wherein they deviously promote their choices for homecoming queens and kings while sucking away funds which could be put to better purposes.

Their bipartisan efforts are what put Trump, Obama, the Bushes, and Clinton in the white house and each of their preferred alternative candidates would have been equally lousy.

Even as the democrats spout their fake indignation in response to the fake righteousness of their republican partners in class warfare, they have consistently joined together to enlarge the cynicism, fear, and arrogance which they use to prevent equal justice and a healthier environment.

They both delusionally lust for and depend upon greater militarism and the domination of life throughout the planet by the most greed driven members of their cliques. They have together repeatedly and increasingly displayed that they are incapable of moving beyond their arrested mentality of nationalized prejudicial corruptions. This shared, twisted love of domination is why they work so blatantly hard to give the false appearance that they are oppositional.

Gabbard, despite her notable celebration of her militarized role in the vile destruction of Iraq, has (probably) inadvertently hit upon the first step of what is needed to stop this toxic, self-worshipping, luxury-obsessed train which is on a route which is taking all of the lifeforms on this planet over a cliff. She did a most remarkable thing. She stepped away from participating in this latest clique-obsessed charade.

I doubt that Tulsi Gabbard is capable of following through with what needs to be the next step in her (and our) evolution. Her lament – which is a form of support – for the illusion that there is some great oppositional partisanship which is destroying the politics in the faking USA indicates that, while she has made a statement of non-participation by her vote, she is still too delusional to move beyond the lousy democratrepublican theology.

There is a tiny chance that Gabbard and maybe a few others will see that non-participation in a blatant and corrosive corruption is the beginning of finding our own integrity. While the overwhelming numbers of voters remain too desperately insecure and consequently keep enabling and expanding the fascist “security” obsessed delusion of a globally-infesting corporate state of militarized injustice and pollution, the hatred aimed at Gabbard’s non-participation in the bipartisan fakery indicates that non-participation may be the first necessity.

When arrogant, insecure, violence-prone, delusional deceivers are appalled at your behavior, you may want to do more of the same.

Carefully watch which democrats cannot condone or must criticize what Gabbard has done. These are the voices which support your dumbing down.

The republicans are notoriously beyond consciousness and the democrats who cannot support Gabbard on this point are showing that they too are not capable of approaching the necessary level of consciousness whereby we can stop the coming train-wreck.

I dream of a day when the democratrepublican machinery is denied the fuel (support and votes) and people put their energies into living healthier, more honest, and more egalitarian lives. Gabbard herself probably doesn’t realize, but we need more non-cooperation with the self-absorbed bipartisan democratrepublican cliques.

Those who cling to their party’s uniformities are not trustworthy and, at this time, the only thing which matters in this issue is whether Gabbard can repudiate her past examples of poor judgement and see that she is on the verge of breaking through her own limited consciousness. If she does, she will most likely be abandoned by her previous supporters, but she will have done them what may be the greatest service she has ever done for their futures.