In O’odham Land

In O’odham Land

As Trump greenlights the unpopular border wall construction, waiving 41 laws to try to do the utmost damage the area, and as Israeli surveillance groups erect spy towers throughout O’odham land, people continue organizing to protect the land and their communities, and to inform the nation of what is happening in Native country on the border.  Corporate media is not covering this story from a Native perspective, and neglects to inform the nation that border patrol is constantly abusing Native people on the Tohono O’odham reservation and that its agents seem to receive no training about who Tohono O’odham people are, nor about their rights.

In O’odham Land the People Stand
Forever, and always.
like cactus tall reaching
like spectrum-colored sunrises
rain in creek beds
beyond words beautiful
Rhythm of space and time

In O’odham Land the People Stand
Borders are fictions to them
They know
more of welcoming,
have long histories of compassion toward travelers,
And a border drawn in sand is just a lie imposed
and they know that with a depth of seeing

In O’odham Land the People Stand
the Depth
the Life
in this: Profound

Day after day committed
Transforming surviving into Thriving.
The past present and future are one moment
so we

create value
create benefit
give medicine

day after day committed
building for peace, battling for it
like all of us, People Who Know the Light Shine

The Sacred
To You
Thank You
Always True.