October 2019

Healing the Rift Between Political Reality and Ecological Reality

Saving the Green New Deal

The Down Side of Impeachment

Bret Stephens’ American Fantasy

The First Thing We Do, Let’s Fire All the Cops

Syria: Exposing Western Radical Collaboration with Imperialism

Israel Prepares to Turn Bedouin Citizens into Refugees in Their Own Country

How Cotton Became a Headache in the Age of Climate Chaos

Looking Normal in Kew Gardens

Wildlife Killing Contests are Unethical

Donald Trump as Artist

The Maria Ramirez Story

Communist Dictatorship in Our Midst

In For a Dime, in For a Dollar

It Serves Us Right To Suffer: Breaking Down Neoliberal Complacency

Bayer Shareholders: Put Health and Nature First and Stop Funding This Company!

US-China Mini-Trade Deal: Trump Takes the Money and Runs

Extinction Rebellion Sweeps the World

Byzantium Now: Time-Warping From Justinian to Trump

How Turkey’s Invasion of Syria Backfired on Erdogan

Betrayal in the Levant

The Problem With Partnerships and Roundtables

Ecuador: Lenin Moreno’s Government Sacrifices the Poor to Satisfy the IMF

The Berlin Wall, Thirty Years Later

The Don Fought the Law…

Sovereign Debt Restructuring: Not Falling Prey to Vultures

University Woes: the Managerial Class Gets Uppity

The Congress Has to Draw the Line

Citizens Must Remove Trump From Office

Trump and Erdogan have Much in Common – and the Kurds will be the Tragic Victims of Their Idiocy

Media Smears, Political Persecution Set the Stage for Austerity and the Backlash Against It in Ecuador

One Man Against the Monster: John Lennon vs. the Deep State

The More Joe Biden Stumbles, the More Corporate Democrats Freak Out

Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed Wins Nobel Peace Prize, But It Takes Two to Make Peace

Kurdish Massacres: One of Britain’s Many Original Sins

More Incitement to Violence by Trump’s Fellow Travelers

Republicans Are Going to Remove Trump Soon

Lebanon, Dreamland

What Evil Empire?

Trump’s Undeclared State of Emergency

A Passion for Writing

Truth, Justice and Life

The Apotheosis of Emperors

As Turkey Prepares to Slice Through Syria, the US has Cleared a New Breeding Ground for Isis

Global Climate Strike: From Protest To Power?

The Economics and Politics of Financial Transactions Taxes and Wealth Taxes

The Oil Despots

Class Struggle is Still the Issue

“The Grid” is the Problem, Not the Solution

Assange: Enema of the State