October 2019

Pressing Done Here: Syria, Iraq and “Informed Discussion”

Donald Trump vs. William Shakespeare

Wall Street Sees the Light of Domestic Reindustrialization

Screwing Over the Kurds: An All-American Pastime

The PR Campaign to Hide the Real Cause of those Sky-High Surprise Medical Bills

Greta the Disturber

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Trump on the March

Calling the Kettle White: Ishmael Reed Unbound

How “Hustlers” Hustles Us

Yearning to Breathe Free

Boris Johnson’s Brexit “Betrayal”: Elect a Clown, Expect a Pie in Your Face


What’s So Awful About Foreign Interference?

The Fight to Overturn the Latest Corporate Coup at Pacifica Has Only Begun

Asia-Pacific Trade Deal: Trading Away Indian Agriculture?

The Turkish Gambit

Cross-eyed, Fanged and Horned

Review: Elif Shafak’s “10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World”

“Our Boys”: a Brutally Honest Film About the Consequences of the Occupation

Scientist vs. Cooper: The Interview, Round 3 

Bernie in the Deep Shit: Dismal Dem Debate Reflections

The Centrism of Elizabeth Warren

Sunset Songs

Forward! A Week of Protest in Catalonia

Peace Restored in Ecuador, But is trust?

Rare Wildflower vs. Mining Company

Trump as the “Anti-War” President: on Misinformation in American Political Discourse

What I Learn While Having Lunch at Cook County Jail

Leadership Lacking for Wolf Protection

Journey to the Unknown Interior of (You)

Race Against Time (and For Palestinians)

African Swine Fever Does Its Worst

Roaming Charges: Where’s the Beef With Billionaires?

The Last Lifeline: The Real Reason Behind Abbas’ Call for Elections

Stop the Normalization of Concentration Camps

Death, Misery and Bloodshed in Yemen

Russophobia at Democratic Party Debate

Where is “Line Worker Barbie”?

Why are LGBTQ Rights Even a Debate?

Nuclear Weapons are an Existential Threat

“Grim Positivism” vs. Truthiness in Biography

Capitalism and the Violence of Environmental Decline

Trump Can’t Survive Where the Bats and Moonlight Laugh

What Really Happened to American Socialism?

The Irishman Cometh: Teamster History Hits the Big Screen (Again)

American Brexit

A Coalition of Support: Parliamentarians for Julian Assange

The Governor, the Mining Company and the Future of a Montana Wilderness

Syria, the Kurds, Turkey and the U.S.: Why Progressives Should Not Support a New Imperial Partition in the Middle East