October 2019

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The Crucifixion of Jesus Continues in Kings Bay Plowshares Trial

NGOs are Too Weak to Halt the Catastrophic Pesticides Crisis

Oulipo Goes to Japan

Nations, Nationalism, and Non-Nation Political Movements

Brand Trudeau Wins a Second Term

Sexual Misconduct and the Plague of “Himpathy”

Military Madness Meets the Counterculture: a Personal Tale

Will Trump Leave Quietly?

Canada’s NDP Looks Like the US’s GOP: Voter Disenfranchisement in the Parkdale-High Park Riding

Review: Vasily Grossman’s “Stalingrad”

The Paradox of Cleanliness 

Don’t Call it Ethnic Cleansing: Erasing Turkey’s State Terrorism in Syria

Segregation, Wealth and Education: the Politics of Liberal San Francisco’s ‘Separate But Equal’

“We Came, We saw, He Died:” Once Young in a Land of Endless Wars

Honneth’s Resolution: Philosophical Grounding for the Emancipation of Labour