October 2019

Trident is the Crime

The Lebanese Uprising Won’t Prevail While Sectarian Elites Remain in Control

A Deluge of Things: Von Humboldt, Leonardo and the Confounding of Nature

Canada’s NDP Looks Like the US’s GOP: Voter Disenfranchisement in the Parkdale-High Park Riding

The Crucifixion of Jesus Continues in Kings Bay Plowshares Trial

Fire and Logging Myths

A Tale of Two Phone Calls: an Impeachment Puzzle

The Essence of War

Ecuador’s President Moreno Struggles to Buy Off Fake Leftists

Review: Vasily Grossman’s “Stalingrad”

Five Questions for Elizabeth Warren

Military Madness Meets the Counterculture: a Personal Tale

The DNC Versus Democracy

Roaming Charges: A Place Where Nobody Knows

Prerequisite to Grassroots Campaigns Facing Impossible Odds

Oulipo Goes to Japan

Scorsese’s Lament

All That is Holy is Profaned: Beyond Ruling Class Trumpeachment

Rethinking the Looming Threat of Neoliberal Fascism

Joe Biden and the Lackawanna Blues

The Dialogue of Divisiveness

Will Trump Leave Quietly?

Nations, Nationalism, and Non-Nation Political Movements

The House Freedom for What Caucus

Patterns of Occupied Palestine: Part 3 of Uncountable

Trump and the Conman Theory of History

What the Chicago Teacher Union and the GM Auto Workers Strikes Teach Us

The NBA, China and Trump

Trials and Tribulations with a Dead Press

Trump and the Politics of the 2020 Census

Chicago Cops: The Torture Machine, Unending

The Racial Wealth Divide Hurts the Entire Middle Class

The NBA’s China Fiasco Shows What Businesses Value

She Deserves Our Support: Betty McCollum Wants US to Stop Subsidizing Torture of Palestinian Children

Fun, Games and American Priorities

NGOs are Too Weak to Halt the Catastrophic Pesticides Crisis

Beirut is Burning: Why I Don’t Blame the Rioters

Sexual Misconduct and the Plague of “Himpathy”

Excluding the Civic Community Excludes Life-Savers

Old White Men Like Me Need to Shut Up and Step Aside

Brand Trudeau Wins a Second Term

Life in America’s Child Care Deserts

Impeachment: Trump Has Already Confessed to “High Crimes”

Colombia Diary: Higher Ed Under Threat

Blame the Economic Policies, Not the Robots

The Paradox of Cleanliness 

The Alternate Reality of Congressman Greg Gianforte

Equine Hypocrisies: Race Horses for the Knackery

Don’t Call it Ethnic Cleansing: Erasing Turkey’s State Terrorism in Syria

The White House Targets Refugees, Green Card Applicants, and Poor Immigrants