Brexit and Ye Olde Ordo Ab Chao as But Another Nine Inch Stab Neoliberal

To him who has nothing it is forbidden not to relish filth.

– Samuel Beckett

We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.

– Karl Rove (Attrib.)

The manufacture of crisis as ‘reality owned’ continues to exist within a dialectical paradigm of political abuse by Stateless Bastards condemned to relish filth and as ‘ascendant’ Geopolitical?

The phrase ‘Ordo Ab Chao’; Latin for ‘Order out of Chaos’, expresses/ rationalises the political utility of ‘confusion’ aspectual of neoliberal chaos which so tragically dominant in the early 21st C. concerning ‘Oceania‘?


Small article here examines ‘Brexit’ to the hidden agenda of ‘problem, reaction, solution’ in which the ‘creation of reality as owned’ evidences the imperative ‘Geopolitikal’ of growing similarity between America and Britain under or commensurate a neoliberal agenda of austerity which reflects the pathological pursuit of profit and transfer of resources – as much as a unified command structure or ‘MIC’ emerging to an altar of filth as but Moritaten (Ballad of Death) paralleled?

Your ‘everyday question’, so it goes?

‘Nothing to see or understand heremove on!’?

One continues to appreciate the prescience of Sinclair Lewis as to the semi-satirical ‘It can’t happen here, indeed)?

Post World War 11 the central difference between America and Britain the presence of a ‘Welfare State’ to a greater extent in the latter than the former: largest part of the neoliberal pact in the Reagan/Thatcher era as ‘reality owned’ (essentially expressive of the transcendence of ‘Zionism'(?), see below) being to diminish such difference thru the unleashing of a ‘free market’ as a transfer of resources from poor to rich effected aka ‘neoliberalism’?

To paraphrase Grover Norquist as Brexit relevant:

‘the Governments may be different as to state of shrinkage – but the bathtub the same as to the drowning‘?

One central parallel as ‘Kakistocratic’ such the polymorphous filth as would be ‘dissected despite’ here – as most unpleasant task by the way but somebody gotta do it, this: the comparison of the neoliberal agenda as concerns America and Britain where the dominating presence of ‘Fortunate Sons’ stares one pornographic in the face as to some shocking ‘fugliness’ ontological concerning austerity: in America it discernible to the point of potential embarrassment of the ‘Deep State’ that the ‘Political Election’ as ‘contested’ between George W Bush and John Kerry between two members of the Brotherhood of Death/Skull and Bones; while in Britain there the ‘Bullingdon Club’ – dominance in the face against the Demos as reflected in David Cameron as former Prime Minister, George Osborne as former Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Boris Johnson as current Prime Minister all being ‘Bullers’?

For those unfamiliar with ‘The Bullingdon Club’ and the values it enshrines, the 2014 Film ‘The Riot Club’ worth a watch.

To those whom think that ‘Skull and Bones’ effete, consider the current United States Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin as a member of said ‘Brotherhood of Death’.

– But this just ‘happenstance’?

And as to ‘someone knows a little a little of what’s going on’, sense of William S. Burroughs?

One premise this small article apposite: that ‘Skull and Bones’ and ‘The Bullingdon Club’ share demand way of indoctrination and as to the hidden agenda of a ‘Deep State’ as a Geopolitikal entity concerning the manufacture of ‘useful idiots’ as much as ‘Oligarchic Collective’ explicates certain ‘people born to rule’ as to a lack of egalitarianism and wilful degeneration of Meritocracy as much as of Democracy: extension of this as promulgation/propaganda/abuse being as to a deadly differentiation as to worthiness of ‘life’ which finds its way, like ‘a rat down a pipe’ indeed, into the concept of ‘surplus population’ and crucially expressed pragmatic as ‘Moral Economics/Politics’ thru austerity and Corporatism as a transnational phenomena, alas – and as to such a ‘spit, spit’ in the face of no more than Stateless Bastards subservient to the Military Industrial Corporatist Complex as Hydra?

Malcolm X put such treachery succinct into one highly perspicacious quote:

‘If you stick a knife in my back nine inches and pull it out six inches, there’s no progress. If you pull it all the way out that’s not progress.’

Bonesmen‘ and ‘Bullers‘ learning that ‘Deep State’ entails (at least) a nine inches stab of the Demos as ‘Üntermensch’/Goyim/Creatures Outside?

– And no ‘pull out’ as much as ‘What Deep State?’ asked as to unquestioning obedience concerning a wound as would purposively remain unhealed, such the abrogation as supplication, such the profit generated – and thus to an altar of filth enjoined as to exploitation/arrogation by way of hegemony accepted as much to a Divide et impera efficacious as austere?

The real meaning of the ‘stab in the back nine inches’ as to elicit sight a ‘Heart of Darkness’ beating seen here as the worship of filth furthered and altar raised being as to a sense of ‘the Horror, the Horror!’ as concerns ‘austerity’ imposed at a Geopolitikal level?

Can ‘We’ sense of Zamyatin, handle the truth here?

Or is this but a mere CounterPuncher become ‘Punchy’?

It’s lonely out here – as any ‘creature outside’ can tell?

The concept of ‘Man God’ as to some variant of Nietzsche’s concept of ‘Ecce Homo’ being one shared by many secret societies as much as apperceived, and this construed as derivative of the ‘worship of filth’ as in Beckett’s quote above.

As ‘Scarface’ said:

‘Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class’

‘Secretive societies’, powerfully backed as evidenced in the case of political positions occupied by members thereof, being evidential of a nepotism or ‘Oligarchic Collective’ as Orwell phrased it?

This to ‘happenstance’ and ‘paranoia’ and ‘conspiracy theory’ as goes hand in hand or claw in bloody claw psycho political?

-Every way one turns in a ‘Panopticon’ they got a grasp of ‘spin’ as much as ‘power of mind over mind’ – such the Cultural Hegemony?

This is but part of the chaos as profitable – and as represents an opportunity to further ‘own’ reality?

The objective, as demands much investment, much abrogation concerning nurture of pathology and accordant limitation such qualities as compassion: to instil an ius est’ and thereby the worship of filth enforced by way of abrogation and ensuring preservation of a status quo in respect of nepotism?

It’s all about the money and greed alas – it’s all about filthy lucre and ‘exceptionalism’?

Before this small article ‘progresses’ further some more illusions of a Geopolitical as much as psycho political nature must be laid bare as dispelled.

Must they?

Oh Yes!

– As the rhetoric goes.

This one goes out to those whom can yet still believe, such the Cultural Hegemony and increasingly ragged trousered philanthropy, that there a difference between Democrats and Republicans, or across the pond in ‘Airstrip One’: Labour and Conservative.

This one goes out to those who belief that the ‘people’ whom control the Dollar, as much as the Pound Sterling as much as the Euro are ‘benevolent’ – and that as to ‘Deep State’ history Mayer Amschel Rothschild an irrelevancy as opposed to highly important moral idiot concerning permit to control and issue currency constituting the supreme ‘racket’ by way of abuse as control and manipulation – and as much as diversity can prevail under what amount to the worship of filth as to altar ‘Geopolkitikal’ permitted.

This one would deconstruct the illusion as to ‘happenstance’: would refuse the silent ‘co-option’ of worship at the altar of filth, would shout out against the grift of thanatos as recognised by way of Eros to a better synonymy found, much as the child in Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Emperors new Clothes’ resisted ‘mind over mind’.

The ‘European Project’ as aspectual of a Military Industrial Corporatist Concept subsidiary to the control and issue of currency by way of such as ‘ESF’ and ‘ERDF’ to usury as supreme racket befitting ‘Capo Di Tutti Capi’ as an altar whereby the worship of filth gives rise to the abominable concept of a ‘Chosen people/Oligarchy’ progresses as to a well known ‘Modus operandi’ such the ‘Economic Hit’ in which such ideological whores as ‘ Richard von Coudenhove- Kalergi’ figure large – such the ‘Nakba‘ of Sovereignty and enforced migration and miscegenation of indigenous peoples under ‘unified command structure’; the reality as created as owned is as to an illusion of ‘choice’ as much as a determinism would transcend as a force irresistible by way of control and manipulation?

‘TINA’ an abbreviation for ‘There is no other way’ – and a large part of such enforced ownership of reality as arrogation and expropriation such the ‘hsi nao’?

This, as much as the Greeks, whom once had control over their own currency, the Drachma, could testify, such the austerity as imposed as but part of said European Project?

The culture of Greece and rich history of a relaxed enjoyment of Life has been destroyed thru the simple mechanism of the control and issue of ‘currency’?

Those whose tradition made such a substantial contribution to Democracy are now well and truly under the thumb or ‘nine inched’ such the euphemism of ‘fucked’ by a Geopolitikal Corpopratist Hydra?

But digression, albeit etymological.

The premise here that the ‘racket to end all rackets’, and probably all Life, alas; that of the permit to control and issue currency, and that ‘following the money’ such sense leads one to the conclusion there a monstrous perversity occurring in the 21st Century which it difficult, once acknowledged/considered, not to see the ramifications of concerning ‘hidden agenda’?

Once one accepts that there exists a ‘Hydra’ Geopolitical and a drive towards the further transfer of resources as to synonymy of necrotrophy, one has succeeded in transcending a cynicism of cultural hegemony as a form of abuse; the illusion as to being an ‘insider’ dissipates under an insight that one is but a ‘creature outside’; that one is abused as much as expected to be abusive – and that Corporatist Media ain’t no philanthropic venture?

One can thence no longer look at such as Donald Trump or Boris Johnson as ‘leaders’: instead one sees the product of a nepotism by way of ‘fortunate son’ as reality owned in which moral idiocy figures large and which such as orange paint or wild blonde hair as idiosyncratic reveals a ‘nothing’ á la Beckett and as much to a necrotrophic parasitism which essentially evil as the criminalization of ‘poverty’ reflects?

Empty minded ideological whores have nothing – and as such are ‘forbidden not’?

For make no mistake such the filth as to altar neoliberal ‘Brexit’ no ‘happenstance’; rather it occurring as to an agenda as would be hidden: under neoliberal ascendance ‘enough is never enough’ – as much as there always exists more to program of ‘structural adjustment’?

Democracy has not been killed without purpose as to the horror of immiseration of the Demos as about to get worse in ‘The United Kingdom’ as bring it ever closer to America under Brexit – and way of failure of ‘Dreams of the Demos’ indeed?

The poverty of children malnourished as an ongoing obscenity which ‘Thatcher the milk snatcher’ began to become even more deadly; the increase in number of the homeless, the privatization of the Welfare State to point of deconstruction of ‘National Health Service’ to be accelerated, the elimination of entitlements to Benefits to continue amidst growing parallel between ‘food banks’ and ‘supplemental nutrition assistance’ ongoing?

The irony?

That ‘Brexit’ to be a salutary lesson to those in the European Union as undergoing its own Hubris; that it better to stay with the unelected as appointed by the ‘Hydra’ – a ‘look what happens when’ to be the neoliberal lesson in which an elite to benefit more from a transfer of resources?

‘Brexit’ a ‘three ring circus’ indeed?

It a tragic neoliberal circus of crises as reality manufactured and owned which, but for the sufferance of so many ‘creatures outside’, would be laughable.

‘Prorogation’ but a step towards the dispelling of illusion of Democracy, or any remaining approximation thereof, in the UK?

It some time now as concerns ‘Amerika’ that Prorogation was effected by way of ‘Money Inc.’?

Think ‘Dealey Plaza’ – as much as ‘New Labour’?


One cannot leave the subject of ‘Brexit’ without addressing the issue of Scotland whom voted as per majority in favour of ‘Remaining’ part of the European Union.

There manufactured idiocy here, alas – by way of ‘True Sovereignty’ being one’s own Currency, one’s own Parliament and Legislature?

Then again – it to prove to be an ill wind by way of ‘Brexit’ as to blow no good?

‘ESF’ as ‘European Social Fund’ and ‘ERDF’ as ‘European Regional Development Fund’ was as to some ‘Structural Adjustment Program’ as ‘Economic Hit’ under currency control and manipulation such the ‘shock and awe’ as Perkins and Klein managed to explicate?

– Did not the hand of Goldman Sachs ‘assist‘ the Greeks apropos entrance in to the European Union?

And such the ‘Muppetry’ as of ‘reality owned’ to a reiteration?

Zionism and Neoliberalism being as to synonymy as much as to ‘Goyim‘ and ‘Untermensch‘ as ‘creatures outside’, such the relishing of filth as denial of ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ as much as ‘Liberté, égalité et fraternité’?


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