August 2019

Our Lords, Their Flies

What Happened at Woodstock?

The Continuing Hong Kong Impasse

It Was More Like a Couple of Asian Decades Than a Century

Was It a Thumbs Up Sign or a Finger Gun Pointing at Us?

Bill of Rights: the Last Seduction

The Root Cause of Mass Shootings is the Rage of Alienation

Why Bernie Sanders is Right About the Washington Post–and Corporate Media Overall

Overpopulation a Cover Story for Money-Cancer System

Random Murder in the Age of Aquarius

Lyme Disease and Biowarfare

In a Tight Labor Market, the Profit Share of Income is Falling

Boris Johnson Recklessly Picks at the Scabs of Ireland’s Violent Past

Epstein, Faction, and Neopatrimonialism

We’re All Enemies of the State

Woodstock Nation Revisited: Abbie Hoffman, Joan Baez and the Culture Vultures of Capitalism

Educating Ourselves About Violence

From the Royal to the Prophetic to the Apocalyptic: The Case for a Saving Remnant

Ambush at Kamikaze Pass

The Case Against Voting for President

The New Mayor of New York

Russian Blast Points to Danger of New Nuclear Arms Race

Jeffrey Epstein’s Eyes

What’s Left After Liberalism?

Sea Level Rise!

Dead Canaries

Careerism and the War Machine

China Hysteria Down Under

Medellín Diary: Remembering Our Dead

Thoughts on China’s Currency

The Federal Reserve Board’s Recent Figures on the Outrageous Unequal Distribution of Wealth

The Biggest News of the 21st Century

Winnemem Wintu Chief Asks Delta Tunnel Amendment Negotiators

Tarantino’s ‘Dead Indians’ and the Roots of American Violence

Massacres at Home and Abroad

The British Still Haven’t Learned the Lessons of the Troubles

Sneering at “Conspiracy Theories” is a Lazy Substitute for Seeking the Truth

Robert Hunziker – 136

Difficult Discussions, Not-So-Difficult Answers

Lunch at the St. Regis New York

Five Ways the Economy is Stacked Against the Young

Postmodern Sexual Identity

Farm Rot is Eating America Alive

Bodies on the Ground and the Rise and Rise of the Economic Elite

The Need for Unity in Ethiopia

At the End of the Barrel of a Gun

Are We Ready Now to Put Shooters’ Gender at Center of Gun Debate?

Rattling the Nuclear Cage: India, Pakistan, Israel, Iran and the US

Trump: Out of the Graveyard and Into the Pyre?

Dear Progressives for Warren: Your Class Is Showing