In Defence of Gramsci: Geopolitical Morphing and Austerity from an Outsider’s Perspective

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

– George Orwell, Animal Farm

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

– Winston Churchill

This small article has as central premise that ‘blurring of distinction’ as in the above quotes referenced much as ‘disguise as recourse’ under criminality has geopolitical ramification much as hegemonic utility concerning extrapolation upon ‘morphing’ and illusion.

In reality: ‘The Emperor in 21st Century is ‘bollock naked” such the Hubris of illusion ongoing?

Qua your everyday question as mundane, commonplace, omnipresent as ubiquitous – and as entirely unrelated to the control and manipulation (and hiding) of agenda concerning Corporatism way of ‘ROI’?

‘Investment in Media’ a philanthropic exercise to ‘return on investment’ aside?

Earlier small article articulated ‘blurring of distinction’ as inability to distinguish between ‘arse and elbow‘ as a psycho political phenomenon.

One writes as a would not be confused individual/creature outside ‘Maggies Farm’ having aspirations towards perspicacity – and with pretension towards measure of insight claimed as to abuse – there being a utility towards said imposition of confusion and accordant imperative towards absence of perspicacity as polymorphous?

‘Happenstance’ refused as but another form of permitting the bastards to grind down?

(Illegitimi no carborundum, so it goes)

– For to see difference whence there in reality none the equivalence of asking the ‘wrong questions’ sense of Pynchon such the pragmatism?

This also having relevance to Lenin’s profound quote:

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves’?

For, what happens as repressively desublimative sense of Marcuse whence but criminal degenerates’ lead’ clearly proving to be but as to expropriation and arrogation such the ‘racket’; such the ‘war’ as would degeneration be expressed thru anomie and marginalisation under a wilful denouement?

Pushed around and kicked around, Always a lonely boy’ as ‘Bronski Beat’ sang concerning what amounts to political abuse?


Controlled and manipulated ‘opposition’ under illusion and profit thru chaos the quintessence of Machiavellian Geopolitics which ‘Neoliberalism’ epitomises contemporaneous: it is all about the further transfer of resources away from the Demos and in to the hands/bloody claws of private interests; it’s all about the transfer from Democracy to Corporatism as an entropy to a darkness in which much shit fed as would be swallowed unquestioningly?

Sorry to be so mundane.

Fuck the abominable rationalization of neoliberalism/nature red in tooth and claw Darwin made by the way…

Fuck ‘mind over mind’ as much as ‘Utilitarianism’ a spawn of empiricism…

– It’s all about greed and hatred and war and division as opposed to Altruism and Love and Peace and Unification such the ‘thanatos‘ as opposed to ‘Eros‘ – and this on an empirical level whereby quantification possible such the ‘medium as reduced being the message as so reduced’, indeed?

This; with apologies to McLuhan for paraphrase – and refusal to capitalise constituting a rhetorical device expressive of contempt.

When these small quarters say ’empiricism’ they obliged to spit!

(‘No empiricism without empirical’ as ‘no asshole no shit’ such the tragic ontology of externalisation?)

It’s all about the reduction of ‘diversity’ to ‘politikal’ point of a uniformity imposed as ‘farming’ intimates where and whence the embrace of illusion as ‘ lemming like’ paramount?

Day by day as plus ça change we continue being led to that cliff of manufactured consent under imperative of ‘thanatos‘ as an altruistic abandonment of individuality thru the suspension of our disbelief founded upon the force fed premise as ‘axiomatic’ under trust that the ruling minority/insiders are like us as but creatures outside?

-When the reality is:

‘they’ don’t give a fuck; that poverty has a purpose – that austerity for the ‘creatures outside’ is profitable and ‘Death’ but an asset on the Balance Sheet of racketeering accordant?

In the tragic ontology of despair for the majority which neoliberal austerity as a transfer of resources further from ‘the poor’ to ‘the rich’ represents there a ‘ponerological dimension’ – this, as much to the proposition by Voltaire paraphrased that:

‘If satan did not exist it would be necessary to invent him’?

Also; the proposition that ‘the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist‘ relevant, this as much as contemplation by Bulgakov in his masterpiece ‘The Devil and Margarita‘ – which these small quarters still trying to understand by the way.

But digression albeit metaphysical.

‘Geopolitical morphing’ as to some synonymy of ‘unified command structure’ as to Military Industrial (Corporatist) Complex emergent and as to extrapolation upon expropriation begins thru the imposition of cultural hegemony as that outstanding individual Antonio Gramsci managed to elicit a ‘confession’ prosecutorial, to wit:

For twenty years we must stop this brain from functioning’?

Say why?

Because Gramsci managed to attain a level of perspicacity concerning the utility of illusion?

He one creature outside whom could see the utility of control and manipulation and articulate; one creature as refused the confusion, as refused to conform to the norm as abusive – an outstanding creature outside whom saw the farm and refused his allotted place on same by way of ‘perversity’?

Here’s tae Gramsci – for wha’s like him?

So it goes as to the colloquial vernacular of mine Country.

Gramsci saw what interpreted/apperceived here as the ‘Gangster Disease’; as the issue and control of Currency as but a ‘racket’; was able to articulate the modus operandi; his brain attained a level of functionality as would be above and beyond, such the transcendence of ‘Tooldom’ sense of Thoreau’s sublime insight as to a determinism prevalent ?

A most dangerous brain functional as must be stopped?

Cultural hegemony under the thanatos which is neoliberal as transfer of resources as has attained commonality under the Geopolitics of differentiation which Orwell articulated as ‘Eastasia, Eurasia and Oceania‘ is indeed as to an Oligarchic Collective as much as an overflowing sewer of ideological waste to a divide et impera in which the real master of illusion/disaster is as would be unseen to a metaphysical limitation by way of ‘Übermensch‘ ?

The only difference being at the ‘margins of austerity’ whereby the ‘Vig‘ extracted – and unfortunately ‘Oceania‘ the worst as to such metastasis of greed – for a better form, not to say ‘class’ as expression of Technological determinism in respect of empiricism (spit, spit) and Üntermensch one must , alas look to Russia and China?

For look at the ‘Clowns of Oceania’ sense of Zevon as something bad happened recognised as by way of such as Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel et al – can one as a ‘creature outside’ believe but that these ‘Fortunate Sons’ as represent neoliberalism in action at a Geopolitikal level are other than mere puppets as ideological whores with legs akimbo whom represent an agenda as would be hidden under illusion?

Can one believe these are leaders; that there is not an illusion at play which is highly abusive and manipulative; can one believe in ‘happenstance’ anymore?

On this Geopolitikal farm named ‘Oceania’ as facilitated by technology and investment the drive is one of greed unlimited and such the entropy benevolent Corporatist such as Henry Ford, whom wished to pay his workers enough to be able to afford his products are long dead; the model, such the permit to control and issue currency is of a Palestinian like farm of austerity wherein ‘surplus population’ figures large as something bad shared by way of externalisation and there a clear distinction between the Über and the Ünter as much as to insider and outsider as all creatures great and small.

Symbiosis is dead, only parasitism remains to achieve apotheosis in necrotrophy.

All hail necrotrophy?

Forthcoming article apropos shall be on ‘Brexit’ as a crisis in such a context, and the opportunity it represents as a crisis to further neoliberalism.

What seems to be is not as is such the ‘Cui Bono?’ as would be unasked?

As much as lies passing unquestioned indeed validate hegemony as ‘cultural’?

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