Tears / Ayizan Velekete

I’m made of clouds, I’m made of seas

I’m made of different colored leaves, torn into tears

I’m neither purposed nor amassed to be a tipping catastrophe

I am no longer in need of steel beams and dry concrete

I won’t scream while we all will

Burn into daffodils

right here where I’ve heard existence be

And it’s all coming down one day

Houses placed to grace the bay

What it was will be its fate

What it was will be its face

I’ll hold my hand high to touch the sky

Right when the sun comes back around

I’ve been thinking of your mind

How you want the world to change

What if we all stay the same

What about your rainbow

I guess we’ll know when there’s a fire

There were no two ways to sing the moon

I used to say ’til I met you

Your stories of forests and caves

Were a match for photography

I know someday we’ll walk those rocks

Decide to sleep on molten ground

Until then here comes a wave

I know someday we’ll cross our old chains

There we’ll place persimmon leaves

There we’ll sing the song we love

Give thanks to sun and sea.