July 2019

Who Killed Oscar and Valeria: The Inconvenient History of the Refugee Crisis

Roaming Charges: Big Man, Pig Man

China and the Swine Flu Outbreak

The Immoral Silence to the Destructive Xenophobia of “Just Leave”

Our Veggie Gardens Won’t Feed us in a Real Crisis

Chevron’s Oil Spill Endangers Kern County

5 Years Later: No Indictments in Choking Death of Eric Garner

System Capture 2020: The Role of the Upper-Class in Shaping Democratic Primary Politics

Washington vs. The Squad

Weapons of the Weak

In Crisis of Democracy, We All Must Become Julian Assange

A Trump Plan to Throw 50,000 Kids Out of Their Schools

McDonald’s: Stop Exploiting Our Schools

The Northern Spotted Owls’ Tree-Sit

Why the Canadian Government is Bullying Venezuela

Trump’s Own Background Reveals the True Motivation Behind Racist Tweets: Pure White Supremacy

Precinct or Neighborhood? How Barcelona Keeps Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Global Capital

It Was Never Just About the Chat: Ruminations on a Puerto Rican Revolution.

The Inequality of Equal Pay

The Numbers are In, and Trump’s Tax Cuts are a Bust

Gaming the Climate

Will Any Disgusted Republicans Challenge Trump in the Primaries?

Highest Anxiety

All Seemed Possible When the Sandinistas Took Power 40 years Ago

From Mad Cow Disease to Agrochemicals: Time to Put Public Need Ahead of Private Greed

Parallel Lives: Cheney and Ailes

The BS about Medicare-for-All Has to Stop!

Dancing with Dr. Benway

Big in the Bungalow of Believers

How the Trump Administration is Eviscerating the Federal Government

The Blob Fought the Squad, and the Squad Won

South Carolina Speaks for Whom?

What You Don’t Want to be in Trump’s America

A Racist President and Racial Trauma

A Homeless Rebellion – Mission Statement/Press Release

History Is Happening: WikiLeaks, the Global Fourth Estate

Corporate Gangster: Adani’s Pursuit of Scientists

National Polls Don’t Mean Much. Here’s Why.

Bernie Sanders, Anti-Imperialism and Venezuela

Cuba and a New Generation of Leaders Respond to U.S. Anti-People War

Merger Mania: the Military-Industrial Complex on Steroids

The Devolution Will Be Televised: Our Body-cam President

Don’t Open the Door 

Psychology Stories: Children

Africans Solving African Problems; Bringing Peace to Sudan

How the Goliath of the Jerusalem Settler Movement Persuaded the World It’s Really David

The Coal Industry is Not a Major Employer

I Had an Abortion and Now I’m Not Ashamed

Epstein, Jane Doe, and Trump

“Go Back Where You Came From:” an Episode From Canada