July 2019

Brexit, Britain and the Permanent Crisis in the Gulf

ERA Back From the Grave?

Germany and France: Old Demons

By Any Other Name: American “Frustrationism”

Ecological Limits and the Working Class

Boris Johnson as British PM: Olive Reincarnations and Elvis on Mars

Corporate Media’s Trashing of Bernie Sanders Starts Anew

No Bail is Excessive Bail, Even for Jeffrey Epstein

Hong Kong and Puerto Rico: Two Colonies Doomed to 2nd-Class Status and Remote Central Government Control

Combatting Surveillance Capitalism: An Orwellian Lesson in History from Ford to Google

A Fateful Tug of War

My First Cousin Odysseus

The Quiet One: Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones Phones In

Genocide from Kissinger to Trump

The Ongoing Dread in Gaza: So Many Names, So Many Lives

Coming Out in Rural America

The Empty Gaze of Mike Pence

Northern Ireland and Brexit: Where History and Fantasy Collide

Trump and Supporters: Paranoiacs Following Lee Atwater’s Racist Strategy

Trump vs. the Squad, or the Fascist Use of Zionism

The BLM’s “Targeted Grazing” Ruse

Shaping the News: The World’s Not the Way it Seems

Feeding 7.7 billion

Stop Wall Street Looting Act: a Letter to Elizabeth Warren

To Save Rural Hospitals, Enact Medicare-for-All