Hong Kong: New Epicenter of the Empire’s Smear Campaign Against China?

Photograph Source: 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests by Studio Incendo – CC BY 2.0

As the Western Empire ramps up its full-spectrum war on the Chinese, its latest target is Hong Kong, China’s premier special administrative region (SAR). Even the latest wave of media assaults confirms it.

An essential adjunct to an Imperial attack on any designated victim is a sustained campaign of demonization, conducted through mainstream media and supported by associated local media. Such a drive had been onging in Hong Kong, since the former British colony returned to its motherland in 1997. Beijing’s kid-gloves handling of its relationship with its SAR was relentlessly miscast as the creeping suppression of freedoms by evil Chinese Communists. With palpitating enthusiasm, Hong Kong’s legions of Beijing-haters cooperated to enforce and amplify the fraudulent narrative.

MSM’s new, malevolent focus on Hong Kong is part of an all-out propaganda blitz against China by the Democracy Empire and its allies and agents. The campaign seizes on Hong Kong’s current unrest to vilify China further. The reality is that Hong Kong under China is freer than it ever was during 165 years of British colonial rule, contrary to the continuous assertions of the West’s Sinophobic propaganda. And during the recent turmoil — engineered by the unholy alliance between local Beijing-haters and their Western backers — Beijing has kept entirely aloof, to the dismay of Chinese patriots in the SAR.

None of that, of course, has prevented the Empire from screaming “Bloody repression!” over Hong Kong more loudly than ever. Whether out to advance the Empire’s political agenda or out of sheer ignorance, the MSM narrative has invariably been this: The three-eyed, green-complexioned ogre in Beijing continues to tighten its grip on brave, freedom-loving little Hong Kong!

In the face of such misguided, cynical fiction, it’s important to contemplate the following points:

* If Beijing had been tightening its grip on Hong Kong, how would hundreds of thousands of people (“millions” in the serial exaggerations of “pro-democracy” organizers) have been able to take to the streets against a Beijing-supported extradition bill?

* If Beijing had been tightening its grip on Hong Kong, how would rioting mobs have been able to inflict violence against police and get away with it? And even be hailed as heroic “peaceful protesters” who must not be charged with any criminal offense?

* If Beijing had been tightening its grip on Hong Kong, how would mobs be able to make the local government back down on its own prize legislation … and grovel repeatedly before them for a modicum of breathing space?

* If Beijing had been tightening its grip on Hong Kong, how would the CIA and its associated organs have been able so easily to fund their local allies in subversion, the “democrats,” and so seamlessly to handle the logistics of their repeated anti-government uprisings?

* If Beijing had been tightening its grip on Hong Kong, why are Hong Kong schoolchildren, from primary level up, being subjected to systematic indoctrination by “pro-democracy” teachers on how terrible their own nation is … and how wonderful Western values & ways are?

* If Beijing had been tightening its grip on Hong Kong, how would local courts be able regularly to mete out the lightest punishments for anti-government crimes — an indirect encouragement for them to be repeated?

* If Beijing had been tightening its grip on Hong Kong, why would local MSM be depicting the latest protests against the extradition bill as a heroic struggle for Freedom, Democracy & Human Rights — instead of an uprising carefully orchestrated by local Communist Party-haters and their allies in the Anglo-American Empire, timed to buttress the latter’s multidimensional war on China?

* Indeed, if Beijing had been tightening its grip on Hong Kong, why would the city’s premier streets still be called Queen’s Road, King’s Road and Nathan Road, and its most popular park, Victoria Park?

The proverbial visitor from Mars might conclude that fear & loathing of China have truly addled the brains of media chiefs in the West — and those of too many in Hong Kong.

The truth, indeed, is the opposite of what they say. Since reunification in 1997, Beijing’s grip on Hong Kong has been very loose … too loose. What’s too tight is the continuing grip of the Anglo-American Empire and its entrenched local agents. And that is the major reason for many, if not most, of Hong Kong’s myriad problems.

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