The Selling of the War on Iran

One of the most expensive and sophisticated US made drones that flies at very high altitudes and supposedly was invulnerable, and sent repeated warnings that it had entered Iranian territory, is shot down by Iran with its wreckage found in Iranian territorial waters. What does that tell you? Clearly the drone was meant to be shot down!! Why? So that Trump could be talked into ordering a military strike on Iran, which he nearly did but backed off at the last minute.

But the trouble is 98% of the American public is not going to know these details. Instead they will see blaring drums of war headlines and Fox News talking nitwits declaring that Iran has attacked America. Once the war has been “sold” through these “sales” tactics and Iranians have been fully demonized the war will start.

You can be certain that the next provocation or false flag will result in the death of Americans, and that’s when the real TV worthy fireworks will start. Here is where Linh Dihn’s “Mashed Patato and Another War for Israel” is right on the money:

“Since we’re in the endless war era, another war for Israel is on the horizon, but hardly anyone seems alarmed, least of all Americans, for they’ve come to see themselves, quite casually and indifferently, as only asskicking agents of war, and never its victims. Conditioned by Hollywood, many Americans also find mass violence exciting, so as another bloodbath looms, some joke that they’re getting out the popcorn to enjoy the fireworks.”

Iranian decision makers must show restraint but carry a big stick. And that stick is not the closing down of the Straits of Hormuz or restarting the higher grade enrichment of uranium but the total destruction of the oil and gas infrastructure of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates through the use of a massive barrage of missile strikes, which Iran is capable of doing.

Such a strike will cause oil prices to rocket to $300 per barrel. Iran does not need nuclear weapons as a deterrent as such a missile attack is equivalent to MAD, mutual assured destruction.

If the Europeans, Japanese, Russians, Chinese, and Indians cannot stand up to American warmongers, who are agents of the Israeli’s and Saudi’s, then Iran will not have any choice but to use its big stick. You want to destroy Iran? Well, this is the price you will have to pay. It’s that simple.

Iran is not Iraq, Syria, Libya and the others on the list that General Wesley Clark listed sooner after 9-11. A military attack on Iran will transform the entire country into a warrior nation and result in millions of refugees fleeing to Europe while economies across the globe will try to recover from oil costing $300 per barrel.

It is truly astonishing that a paid “member” of a cult, that was recently on the terrorist list of the United States Government, and has been secretly funded by Saudi Wahhabi’s, who also funded the Islamic State, is talking into one ear of President Trump, while in the other ear a Messianic Evangelical Christian buffoon does the bidding for a murdering apartheid leader.

What is going on is the selling of a war so that the central engine of the American economy can generate increased shareholder value through weapon sales while Wall Street vultures get a boost in their blood soaked bonus checks.

Other motivations or “justifications” for destroying Iran are: revenge for US-Saudi defeat in Syria, the ending of trading in dollars, and causing a major disruption in the One Road One Belt initiative. And let’s not forget the Clean Break Israeli and Wahhabi factors.

All the ducks are lined up for a major war but it’s the aftermath that few are seriously taking into consideration, as they did prior to the Iraqi war. And the reason it does not is because when you live in America it’s “over there, somewhere”, a place where towelheads and sand niggers live, who hate our “freedoms”, and threaten our “vital national interests”.

A dark “backwards country” must be shown how to be democratic and free, even if it requires sending it back to the Stone Age. What a load of crap! This is not a Hollywood movie or a CNN special on another Shock and Awe display! Iranians are not Arabs or Vietnamese and will take revenge. The imposed Iran-Iraq war which showed what Iranian’s are willing to sacrifice for the defense of their nation should be a lesson to those who want to start a war with Iran.

Normally I would end this commentary by saying something along the lines of all of the above in the context of climate catastrophe is totally irrelevant and all world leaders need to start the immediate process of heading off certain ecocide, which most likely take will place prior to 2050. I’m no climate scientist but based on the 300 plus articles I’ve read and posted on Pivotal Cleantech of Iran those that are leading Extinction Rebellion are not alarmist but realists that clearly see the precipice the human species is about to fall off of.

But instead of ending on that note I’m going to bring up another event that directly relates to all of the above, and that is the tragedy of 9-11. Some have been conditioned to dismiss “conspiracy theories” and automatically switch off their cognitive functions but I’d encourage you to not hit that switch and read some of the links I’ve hyperlinked below.

Over the past 18 years a great deal of new information has been gathered regarding 9-11 and where it points to is very chilling to say the least.

The war that is about to be waged against Iran makes perfect sense if you bother to come up to speed regarding the latest evidence on 9-11. Take a few minutes and read the articles I’ve linked to. Make up your own mind. You will very quickly understand what’s been going on these past 18 years and why Iran is being targeted.

Only through knowledge and dialogue can we bring about peace. Allowing ourselves to be manipulated is a recipe for war. Below is the conclusions I have reached. After you have read the articles I’ve linked to see if you agree with it or not.

9-11 was a Cheney-Bandar Bush-Netanyahu operation with Bin Laden as the patsy. The motivation was for the Project for Greater Israel, with “a request” for a “new Pearl Harbor” detailed in Project for a New American Century. With Libya, Syria, and Iraq destroyed now they are coming after Iran. Wake up people, before they get away with another tragic nightmare.

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Daryan Rezazad is the managing director of Mero Iran and is currently establishing Pivotal Cleantech of Iran so as to transfer technologies which are sustainable and help solve environmental problems.

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