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The Always Blame “Trump”-ists

If the voters in the faking USA are exceptional among all of humanity, it is probably because of the degree to which they seem to insist that it is pragmatic to believe that they can be in two places at once. To enable desired changes, they continue to attempt to reinstall candidates who have proven that they are largely lacking the desire to change the deteriorating system. The vast majority of voters seem to believe that by supporting a candidate who mostly resembles what they say they don’t want, that they have integrity and wisdom.

One of the greatest examples of the short-sighted, infantile, desperately spoiled nature of so many supposed liberals/progressives in the various medias and thereby in the commonly heard discourses in the faking USA is the religiously adhered to pronouncement that seemingly everything that is going wrong and every example of the widespread corruption within the supposed exceptional society is “Trump’s” fault. This misguided blaming is right in line with the behavior which has allowed and promoted the faking USA to unleash massively destructive assaults on numerous other supposed nations through the use of the media and the corporately aligned agents of capitalist predation by emphatically focussing people’s attention on whichever devil leader was the current manifestation of satanic evil at each location and at each time. The punishment however is consistently placed upon the whole society.

This behavior is typical of most of the democrats and republicans across what is imagined to be a wide range of political thought within the religiously privatizing fakery known as the USA. The reality is that the range of political thought allowed within the democrat-republican alliance (which pretends to be an opposition) is very limited and very intolerant of those people who point out its cravenly delusional and demeaning nature. Private corporatism and the bloated militarism which is its most vital employee are as central to liberalism as they are to conservatism. So much so that neoliberalism is the twin of neoconservatism. The addition of the prefix “neo” is but one of the many unifiers.

Fox News is seen as an opposition to MSNBC, but the truth is that these two, like the overwhelming number of media outlets, are both gimmick peddlers which promote bogus beliefs based upon providing their customers with a feeling of superiority and the dream of a possible domination over each other. The truth is a rather rarely used tool and its usage is strongly limited by a spurious insistence that the artificial flavor used by each outlet is concocted from and for a desire to make more people’s lives better. The evidence supporting their preferred misrepresentations is only becoming thinner by each passing day.

I have no way of differentiating much between the levels of willful ignorance which could be assigned to either the supporters of the Republican version of delusionalism or the supporters of the Democrat version. The need which underlies each parallel method of ignoring reveals itself through the employment of the same methodology of manipulations which they have in common. Fear is their most beloved reason for continually eating away at social safeguards. It’s Bush or it’s Clinton or it’s Bush or it’s Obama or it’s Trump. Back and forth, the same ignorance is manifest. Instead of the use of the word “or” in the above sentence, the word “and” is closer to the truth. It is Bush and Clinton and Bush and Obama and Trump…., but recognizing that reality is anathema to the purpose of the privatizing corporate huckster-isms known as the democrats and republicans.

The seemingly sudden (another illusion) rise of Joe Biden to the top of the Democrat-labelled hucksterism is most illustrative of the inherent need for disguising of the shared beliefs and disdain for egalitarianism which are central to both corporate-owned parties. There are few Democrats who have been and are as openly in support of the sort of debilitating, predatory policies which are prominent in the Trump administration as is Biden. The main difference between Trump, Biden, and the great majority of their colleagues is the method used to disguise their shared corruption. They present themselves in ways which will lead people to believe that their purpose is beneficial and different. If the Democrats were not as corrupt as they are, they would view Biden as a long-time, self-serving, corporate fraud who has little regard for the life of anyone when private corporate profits are involved (and to devout corporatists, profits are the justification for any kind of horror which might be employed). Biden deserves jail time for his murderous scheming, but to enormous numbers of those who identify as democrat or republican, he’s just a somewhat clumsy guy. Biden’s ardent support for the depravity of the same schemes which were promoted by the administration of George W. Bush is, it seems, mostly just an inconvenience for his supporters and their need to make everything Trump’s fault. They are, willfully or otherwise, incapable of seeing that Biden is very close to Trump in policy preferences and in the ability to flim-flam. Obama’s promotion of Biden to vice president was also a celebration of flim-flam fakery.

“Trump’s” this, “Trump’s” that. To listen to so many people, one might think Trump has godlike power over every aspect of the fakers in the USA. Just as was done with Obama, Trump, it seems, has to be a savior or the devil incarnate, but the truth is that he is just one more lightening rod who is doing a terrific job of reinforcing the impression that he is not following in the footsteps of all of his predecessors in varying degrees while he is directly following in the same path.

The greater problem is that EVERY republican or democrat is a participant in this debauchery. Whether it is Sanders, Pence, Pelosi, Gabbard, Trump, Biden,…. or whomever – they fidget and flip as needed by their shared monetary religiosity. The importance of their identity memberships far exceeds any remote notions about integrity. The words they use are often in direct opposition to the actions they take. An excellent example of this is Sanders. He clearly outlined the rampant injustice and corruptions which his democrats help enable and then he has turned around to insist that the lousy corporate owned and worshipping predator Hillary Clinton (a happy participant in Trump’s last marriage ceremony and its smarmy festivities) was the only hope he could think of supporting. Sanders took huge numbers of donations from people with less money and he turned their hopes over to a person who deserves to be in prison for (among a number of things) being a promoter of a scam which slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people for private profits. It’s not that the Democrats are worse than the Republicans. It is that their use of populist wording is more frequently and blatantly at odds with their actions. That is why they have been labelled as “the more effective evil.” That is also why I have no way of trusting any one of them, just like their Republican partners. Their deviations from their stated intent are seemingly unending.

Many who dread Trump are now wishing for a Pence presidency – as if Pence is likely to be less medieval. The dread of Trump was central to Hillary Clinton’s lousy faking candidacy and reinforcing those feelings of dread continues as the chief manipulation used by the Democrats to hide the fact that their preferred candidates are largely aligned with people who share the same priorities as Trump. Someone a tiny bit less obviously corrupt is what they believe is a winner. So far, Trump is the lowest common denominator, but the democrat wing is determined to AGAIN come as close as it can in its disguised dreadfulness.

The party identity is the most useful aspect to all of the pretenders. Occasionally, some of them jump to the other team. While this does imply a certain honesty about the parties’ narrow range and interchangeability, the fact is that the switching (which is not switching) is used to raise the feelings of tension within the delusional identifying parties’ membership. The owners of the game remain the same. Their teams are a distraction from what they both enable.

Focussing on the promoted corporately created star of each of these teams and submitting to the beliefs that any of them are the savior and/or the devil is what the Democrats and the Republicans rely upon to ensure the continuation of the feelings of desperation which seamlessly continue to expand and are used to reinforce themselves.They are each a bad addiction which have the same methods and effect of massive global disintegration.

The democrat-republicanisms are neither democratic nor are they about any re-public. They are first and foremost about private money. They undermine attempts at democracy and they show a contempt for any constitutional-based state whenever they see a possibility for enlarging private riches anywhere on the planet. Their chief allegiance is to private profits. Everything else on the planet is up for sale. A good recent example is how the DCCC is now blatantly supporting medieval officeholders under the guise of opposition to their own inside threats. Manipulations of monetary power is foremost in their agenda. Ideals associated with the benefits of possible egalitarian changes to the system which might increase the standing of human rights are for losers in the cynicism of the DCCC. Their game’s goal is the accumulation of private money and power over larger numbers of people through proven agents of decay.

Every time someone singles out “Trump” for blaming – as if he is more than a somewhat more noticeable symptom of a widely promoted corruption – that person is, whether aware of it or not, helping to cover up the rampant decay which results from the now ubiquitous neo-carpetbaggers and their privatizing huckster parties.

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