April 2019

Revolutionary Journalism

U.S. Senate Confirms Oil Lobbyist David Bernhardt as Interior Secretary

The Strange Success of Russiagate

Defending Venezuela: Two Approaches

The Planetary Cost of Amazon’s Convenience

How the White House is Spinning Earth Day

Cuba and Venezuela: Killing Two Birds With a Stone

Pacific Odyssey: Guadalcanal and Bloody Ridge, Solomon Islands

Trudeau’s Long Winter

A Few Comments on the recent PBS Series: Reconstruction: America After the Civil War

What Does it Mean to Teach Peace?

Paid Family and Medical Leave: a Bargain Even Low-Wage Workers Can Afford

War Versus Peace: Israel Has Decided and So Should We

Vets for Peace to Barbara Lee: Support Manning and Assange

The Mueller Report Changed my Mind on Term Limits

Why is Going Green So Hard? Because the System Isn’t

The Greenwashing of Earth Day

Do the Harmless Pangolins Have to Become Extinct?

Pushing Marijuana Legalization Across the Finish Line

Surreal Realities: Pelosi, Maneka Gandhi, Pompeo, Trump

Using the Law to Build a Socialist Society

Call Saul

Ecology Over Economy 

A Socialist Defector by Victor Grossman

Russiagate is Dead! Long Live Russiagate!

Perverse Housing Policy Perverts Forest Policy

All Will be Punished

Annexation of West Bank May Provide Key to Unlocking Netanyahu’s Legal Troubles

People Music: Malignant Phallic Narcissism v. Being Ordinary

The Iran Floods and US Sanctions: 10 Million at Risk, But Who Cares?

Weekend Edition
October 18, 2019
Friday - Sunday
Anthony DiMaggio
Trump as the “Anti-War” President: on Misinformation in American Political Discourse
Jeffrey St. Clair
Roaming Charges: Where’s the Beef With Billionaires?
Rob Urie
Capitalism and the Violence of Environmental Decline
Paul Street
Bernie in the Deep Shit: Dismal Dem Debate Reflections
Andrew Levine
What’s So Awful About Foreign Interference?
T.J. Coles
Boris Johnson’s Brexit “Betrayal”: Elect a Clown, Expect a Pie in Your Face
Joseph Natoli
Trump on the March
Ashley Smith
Stop the Normalization of Concentration Camps
Pete Dolack
The Fight to Overturn the Latest Corporate Coup at Pacifica Has Only Begun
Jeremy Kuzmarov
Russophobia at Democratic Party Debate
Chris Gilbert
Forward! A Week of Protest in Catalonia
Daniel Beaumont
Pressing Done Here: Syria, Iraq and “Informed Discussion”
Daniel Warner
Greta the Disturber
M. G. Piety
“Grim Positivism” vs. Truthiness in Biography
John Kendall Hawkins
Journey to the Unknown Interior of (You)
Christopher Fons – Conor McMullen
The Centrism of Elizabeth Warren
Nino Pagliccia
Peace Restored in Ecuador, But is trust?
Rebecca Gordon
Extorting Ukraine is Bad Enough But Trump Has Done Much Worse
Kathleen Wallace
Trump Can’t Survive Where the Bats and Moonlight Laugh
Clark T. Scott
Cross-eyed, Fanged and Horned
Eileen Appelbaum
The PR Campaign to Hide the Real Cause of those Sky-High Surprise Medical Bills
Olivia Alperstein
Nuclear Weapons are an Existential Threat
Colin Todhunter
Asia-Pacific Trade Deal: Trading Away Indian Agriculture?
Sarah Anderson
Where is “Line Worker Barbie”?
Brian Cloughley
Yearning to Breathe Free
Jill Richardson
Why are LGBTQ Rights Even a Debate?
Jesse Jackson
What I Learn While Having Lunch at Cook County Jail
Kathy Kelly
Death, Misery and Bloodshed in Yemen
Maximilian Werner
Leadership Lacking for Wolf Protection
Arshad Khan
The Turkish Gambit
Kollibri terre Sonnenblume
Rare Wildflower vs. Mining Company
Dianne Woodward
Race Against Time (and For Palestinians)
Norman Ball
Wall Street Sees the Light of Domestic Reindustrialization
Ramzy Baroud
The Last Lifeline: The Real Reason Behind Abbas’ Call for Elections
Binoy Kampmark
African Swine Fever Does Its Worst
Nicky Reid
Screwing Over the Kurds: An All-American Pastime
Louis Proyect
“Our Boys”: a Brutally Honest Film About the Consequences of the Occupation
Coco Das
Cesar Chelala
Donald Trump vs. William Shakespeare
Ron Jacobs
Calling the Kettle White: Ishmael Reed Unbound
Stephen Cooper
Scientist vs. Cooper: The Interview, Round 3 
Susan Block
How “Hustlers” Hustles Us
Charles R. Larson
Review: Elif Shafak’s “10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World”
David Yearsley
Sunset Songs
October 17, 2019
Steve Early
The Irishman Cometh: Teamster History Hits the Big Screen (Again)