“The More Effective Evil”

The old adage needs to be updated. It should now read as follows.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me scores and scores of times over decade after decade, I must be a democrat and a republican.

A few years back, when Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford made the accurate assessment that Barrack Obama was the “more effective evil” he was underestimating. The problem remains that by saying that Obama was the more effective evil (which he was in comparison to the more blatant republican candidate evil) people have been assuming that Obama was someone who was a bigger fraud than the rest of the Democrats. This assumption needs to be abandoned and the Democrats as a whole party truly deserve to be labelled the more effective evil.

Those who identify as Democrats, whether in an elected position or just as a participating lever in the voting booth, are foolish participants in a predatory fraudulence. The idea that individual elected officials(sic) are blameworthy while the stupidity and/or arrogant complacency of those who put them in office is just a mistake is on the same level as a lazy child claiming that a dog ate their homework. To identify as a democrat or a republican is the same stupidity which prioritizes money over justice and the environment. When that paragon of disingenuousness Nancy Pelosi dismissed a student’s concerns about the debilitating effects of privatized corporate domination of society with the words,

“We’re capitalists. That’s just the way it is”

she was not speaking for only herself. She was saying that the Democrats are unified with the Republicans and that the people who think that the government should do more to remedy harmful economic inequalities are too dimwitted to be of any benefit to her parties and their shared religion of capital. Substitute the word republicans for “capitalists” in her dismissiveness and there is her real meaning. This reminds me of the quote by the devil worshipping Madeleine Albright when she dismissed concern about how the bipartisan militarizing corporetum of the faking USA was responsible for causing the death of over 500,000 children in Iraq with the words, “We think it’s worth it.” Surely this is one of the ways in which that devil-worshipper became so knowledgeable about the various levels of Hell to which she clearly was intent upon sending anyone who had a problem with supporting her beloved devious, warmongering, corporately devil-worshipping Clinton.

These three devil-worshippers, who are merely typical of their ilk, Pelosi, Albright and Clinton, are admired by huge numbers of people who identify as a democrat. They are like versions of Mitch McConnell with a vagina, They are also seen as being somehow decent and even respectable by Democrats who make the sadomasochistic claim that they are progressives. Fighting for a cause, it seems, requires submissiveness. This seems to be the true nature of people who identify as Democrats, including Bernie Sanders. They will tell you that they feel your pain, but they avoid reminding you that their party uses other people’s pain to be a privately beautiful source of profits and that they will need you to feel more pain for them to feel that they are more effective in their parties.

Perhaps those who stupidly claim to be “progressive democrats” could explain what the word “progressive” really means to them. It seems that when slave owners sent human beings “down river” to be sold in their beloved capitalist markets in New Orleans they had the same definition of progressive-ness. The power to take advantage of debaucherous situations and make it privately profitable by using words to make it sound like you really do not support what you are repeatedly enabling and reinforcing every four years.

Two recent events need to be highlighted as further proof that the lousy pseudo-partisanal democrat republicanism is the much more effective evil than the straightforward crap which republican republicanism blatantly dribbles. The first is the whole pile of crap propaganda about how the stupid suckers in the faking USA ended up electing Trump because the Russians manipulated the dimwitted Americans. Robert Mueller’s report on this drivel is now seeping into Washington like some gaseous odor following his ingesting of too many rotten beans. The Democrats ardently fed him the rotten beans and now they are beginning to complain about how this largely hidden fart of a report stinks, as if they are not the major contributors to the cause. In relation, Wikileaks is roundly hated because they revealed the true nature of the Democrats and the greater extent of their Un-democratic corporate sponsored deviant methodologies. Damn the truth, the Democrats want hostilities and lies (just like their allied Republicans). The second event – which is hardly unrelated to the first – is that the chair of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Cheri Bustos (sounds pretty precious – not), announced that the Democrats will work to crush the candidacy of anyone who challenges any of their lousiest corporately approved incumbents even (or is it especially?) in districts in which their brand of privatized corporate power has clear dominance over the Republican brand. They hyperventilate about Trump and then they threaten to prevent the removal of the Democrats who are most likely to enable Trump’s type of crap.

Both of these examples reaffirm that the Democrats need to keep the Trump-ishness in office and that they have minimal tolerance for any ideas which might run counter to the goals of their allied Republicans.

What this all comes down to is that – if there was such a thing – the award for being the most effective of the most effective evil should be given to the Democrats who claim that they are progressives. These are the people who extend their (lack of) credibility to the greatest extent and they are the most delusional of the members of the corrupt corporately owned party known as the Democrats. The party uses them as propaganda. All of the so-called Progressive Democrats of America and their caucus deserve credit for preventing the rise of a real opposition party in the faking USA. They can also take (at least partial) credit for helping Hillary Clinton put Donald Trump in the Whitey House.

To every voter who identifies as democrat and who is dismissive of the idea of leaving the party, all I can say is that, when you reach your inevitable level of Hell, your effectiveness will be your reward. At this point, you have clearly gone beyond shame. Your delusional confidence game which continues to enable corruption truly is a great leveler.