April 2019

Washington’s Biggest Fairy Tale: “Truth Will Out”

The Burning Cathedral and the Dead Turtle

To Ola Bini, a Political Prisoner Caught Up in the Assange Debacle

The Ilhan Omar Gambit: Anti-Semitism as a Reactionary Political Tool

The French (Bread) Connection in a Bourgeois California Town

Talking Trash: Unfortunate Truths About Recycling

Exporting Dictators

Self-Censorship is Credibility Suicide

War Crimes and National Security

Netanyahu’s Victory in Israel Tells Us About the Balance of Power in the Middle East

No More Excuses: Israeli Voters Have Chosen a Country that Will Mirror the Brutal Regimes of its Arab Neighbours

Julian and Martin: Reflections on the Arrest of Assange

A Land Uncharted: the Persecution of Julian Assange

The Ordeal of Julian Assange

None Dare Call It Fascism

Steve Miller and the Nationalist Takeover of the White House

Ralph Nader – Episode 125

Terrorist Designations: Trump and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps

The Government is Hard at Work Keeping Tax Preparation Complicated and Expensive

It’s Time for $15 and a Union

State of Apocalyptic Nature: A Contract with Gaia

The Border, Trumpian Madness and the Clash of Demographics

Climate Change Parallax

Medicare for All 64-Year-Olds

Diego Garcia: The “Unsinkable Carrier” Springs a Leak

Trump, Climate Change and the Parable of the Two Dogs

Down the Rabbit Hole—Leary as Fiction

Bully Donald’s Firings: Why do They Slink Away & Stay Silent?

Keep Carbon in the Forests

Calling Assange a Narcissist Misses the Point

Punishing the Past, Impeding the Future: the Arrest of Assange

As Earth Day Falls During Passover

RAMONES- Blitzkrieg Bop Live

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – On The Beach

Civil Rights Groups and Pro-war Republicans–An unholy Alliance in the Soft War Against China

Thus Spake the Soul: It’s Time To Re-libidinize the Left

The Failures of Farming and the Necessity of Wildtending

Lay-Offs at Legacy Hospitals in Portland Oregon

His Name Was Ozzy and He Was Murdered by the Police

Lordstown Sketch

No, Bernie’s Not Anti-War

How a Beacon of NYC English Language Schools Left Immigrants and Staff in the Lurch

Educators Can Facilitate the Process of Healing in Conflict Zones

Who is Sovereign?

What Ivanka Told Us About Trump’s Meeting With el-Sisi

Madonna Plays Apartheid

The Abortion Wars Get Meaner

Edward Said: Remembering a Palestinian Patriot

So Who Really Gets a Tax Cut This Year?

Abolish the Electoral College, Empower the People