April 2019

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The Blue Ocean Event and Collapsing Ecosystems

Jimmy Carter: US ‘Most Warlike Nation in History of the World’

Vets for Peace to Barbara Lee: Support Manning and Assange

U.S. Senate Confirms Oil Lobbyist David Bernhardt as Interior Secretary

A Few Comments on the recent PBS Series: Reconstruction: America After the Civil War

To Never Forget or Never Remember

From Jesus Christ to Julian Assange: When Dissidents Become Enemies of the State

Ecology Over Economy 

Call Saul

Perverse Housing Policy Perverts Forest Policy

All Will be Punished

Assange: Between Gratitude and Betrayal

Making Wall Street Pay for the Financial Crisis

The Iran Floods and US Sanctions: 10 Million at Risk, But Who Cares?

Russiagate is Dead! Long Live Russiagate!

The European Union and Refugees in the Mediterranean

Annexation of West Bank May Provide Key to Unlocking Netanyahu’s Legal Troubles

Looking Back at 1919: Immigration, Race, and Women’s Rights, Then and Now

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Insurgencies in Malaysia and Vietnam: Boyhood Reflections

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How the U.S. Military Feeds at the Terror Trough

Vote-Trading for Big Coal

Hawai’i in Trouble

EU Threatens to Legalize Human Harm From Pesticides

Opening Tombs and Resurrecting Lives