February 2019

Yellowstone Buffalo Hunt A Native Perspective

Israel, Venezuela and Nationalism In The Neoliberal Era

The Bill and Melinda Gates’ Fair Taxation Scaremongering Tour

New York, New York: a Resounding Victory for New York Over Amazon

Trump’s Fake National Emergency Moves America Closer to an Autocracy

Mapping the American War on Terror: Now in 80 Countries

Size Matters: the Demise of the Airbus A380

Tracing the Threads in Venezuela: Humanitarian Aid

“Heavy Drinking” and the NYT’s Offensive Obit on Herbert Fingarette

With Monsanto and Glyphosate on the Run AAAS Revokes Award to Scientists Whose Studies Led to Ban on Weedkiller in Sri Lanka and Other Countries

This Historical Moment Demands Transformation of Our Institutions. The Green New Deal Won’t Do That

Mitchel Cohen Takes on Global and Local Goliaths: Profile of a Lifelong Multi-Movement Organizer

For Your Children (or: Dead Ahead)

Modern Monetary Theory and Taxing the Rich

Unconstitutional Power Grabs

Withdrawal Pains and Syrian Civil War: An Analysis of U.S. Media Discourse

The Martin Ennals and Victorian Prize Winners Contrast with Australia’s Policies against Human Dignity

The Psychology of the Wall

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Another Boondoggle in Virginia

War With China? It’s Already Under Way

“Electability” is Real (Unless Married with the Junk Science of Ideological Spectrum Analysis)

The Fourth Hypothesis: the Present Juncture of the Trump Clarification and the Watershed Moment on the Washington Mall

Something New and Something Old: a Story Still Being Told

2020 Vision: A Strategy of Courage

Two Worlds

Why Protest Trump When We Can Impeach Him?

Citizens Arrested Calling Out Manchin on Rockwool

What the Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign Means for Progressives

When Saudi Arabia Gets the Bomb

The Real Emergency Isn’t About the Wall, It’s About the Separation of Powers

What if He Falls? The Terrifying Reality Behind Filming “Free Solo”

Politics of Jammu and Kashmir: The Only Viable Way is Forward

The Night of Terror: Wyoming Game and Fish’s Latest Attempt to Close the Book on the Mark Uptain Tragedy

Troublesome Possibilities: The Left and Tulsi Gabbard

Erdogan is Destined for Another Rebuke in Turkey

On the Outside Looking In: an American in Vietnam

Literature and Theater During War: Why Euripides Still Matters

Day of Remembrance and the Music of Anthony Brown        

She Didn’t Start the Fire: Why Attack the ISIS Bride?

Sir Richard Branson’s Venezuelan-Border PR Stunt

Women’s Critical Role in Saving the Environment

Eva Golinger – Episode 120

Of Stress and Inequality

A Tale of Two Citations: Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” and Michael Harrington’s “The Other America”

The Crimes of Elliot Abrams

An End to Amazon’s Two-Bit Romance. No Low-Rent Rendezvous.

The Millennial Generation Will Tear Down Trump’s Wall

USMCA’s Outsourcing of Free Speech to Big Tech

The First Rule of AIPAC Is: You Do Not Talk about AIPAC

Greater Than Food