February 2019

An Interview the Saker on Venezuela

How the Age of Billionaires Ends

The Scream: the Origins of Venezuela’s Economic Crisis

Outcome-Based Grazing: a Cattle Industry Public Lands Power Grab

Don’t Blame the Pakistan Army for the Country’s Poverty

US Media Trying to Drum up a New ‘Cold War’

Trump Sanctions, Regime Change Strategy in Venezuela Can Only Cause More Violence and Suffering

Canada, Israel and the “Rule of Law”

Afghanistan, Venezuela and U.S. Interference

Smokescreen: Why Prescribed Burns Won’t Reduce Wildfires

SOTU: These Are Dangerous Times, and Our Government is Largely to Blame

The Relevance of Debs in the New Gilded Age

The West’s Colonial Mindset Lives On: a Short History of Western Imperial Arrogance

In the Name of “Love”

Homeless During the Polar Vortex

Boomer, X’er, Millennial. Rock Paper Scissors

The U.S.-Backed Drug War in Mexico Has Never Been Deadlier

Oil, Agriculture and Imperialism: Averting the Fast-Track to Armageddon?

Peaceful Coexistence Should Be Taught in Schools

PG&E Topples Western States Petroleum Association in California Lobbying

Pacific Odyssey: the Manila Presidential Palace

A Few Thoughts About Another Goddamn Shooting

Give Teachers and First Responders a (Big) Tax Break

My Patients Health Depends on Confronting Climate Change

The Ultimate Human Idiocy

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