“It Depends Upon What The Meaning of The Word ‘Is’ Is“

The current obsession with Venezuela and the desire of the so-called government of the United States of America to corruptly manipulate the political power structure there are the continuation of years of allied bipartisan efforts to sabotage Venezuela for the benefit of private corporate control over the people and resources while using words to disguise the agenda to look as if it is mainly driven by concerns for human rights. The attempt by Venezuelans to implement a government which was more responsive to the needs of its most vulnerable citizens has been consistently undermined by the devious manipulations of the faking USA. Privatized corporate profits for an elite minority are of the highest importance to the Congress of the faking USA and its allied partners and Venezuela has become their current focus of militant capitalism.

The fact that this latest corrupt assault has been implemented under the great lousiness known as the Trump administration has led to many delusional so-called progressives to (AGAIN!) insist that their lousy democrat branch of private corporate power must oppose what they have over the years helped to cause, even as it seems that a great majority of Democrats are quietly supporting Trump’s actions. They act as if the Democrats are capable of real opposition to the exceptionalist agenda which has been starkly personified by the great lousiness of the Trump administration while the vast majority of Congress are conveniently quiet.

The essence of this latest vacancy of integrity and attack on egalitarianism can be better understood by a little glimpse into congressional actions since the 2002 US coup attempt against Venezuela and especially from the past 5 years. During the Obama administration, the obfuscations and predatory actions of the Congress helped manufacture the trap which Trump is using now. The irony (if such is possible within the religiosity of privatizing capitalist predations) of the overwhelming Democrat insistence that Trump is an agent of Russia and the fact that Trump’s actions against Venezuela and the Congress’ quiet complicity will likely be detrimental to the Russian involvement in the petro-economics of Venezuela cannot be allowed to be realized when it comes to their shared bipartisan need to help launch another attack which will be most harmful to those with the least power in Venezuela and in the rest of the world.

There has been a very small voicing of concern from a few supposed progressives in the Congress, but the most prominent of this paltry display of objections – presidential wanna-be’s Bernie Sanders’ and Tulsi Gabbard’s voices include an air of disingenuousness. They come across as Inside-outsiders who prefer to be in two places at once. They do not give the faking USA credit for its role in undermining Venezuela.

In 2014, the faking congress had a total of 7 proposed bills or resolutions which were designed to manipulate the government of Venezuela. Four of these were attempted in the house of (mis)representatives and three proposed manipulations came from the Senate. Looking into the co-sponsors for these would-be traps shows a clear bipartisanship (if one still believes the democrats and republicans are capable of being separate parties).

Here is a chronological list of the attempted resolutions or bills in Congress from 2014 which were designed to manipulate the government of Venezuela – including the name of the chief sponsor.

February 25th – h. 944 by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen -R
February 27th – S.365 by Robert Menendez -D
March 13th – hr.4229 by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen -R
March 13th- S.2142 by Robert Menendez -D
April 23rd – hr.1687 by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen -R
May 7th- hr.4587 by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen -R
August 1st- S.213 by Robert Menendez -D

All of these proposals demanded democracy in Venezuela. Of these attempts at international manipulation, the house initially passed hr.4587 on May 28, 2014 and then both houses of Congress later agreed to pass their preferred version of S.2142 instead – which Obama willingly signed and implemented through the required sanctions which helped to further destabilize Venezuela.

There are a number of noteworthy aspects of these acts of manipulation which deserve attention. The first being the persistent aggressiveness of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Robert Menendez. Ros-Lehtinen’s seemingly most obsessive pushing for controlling the government of Venezuela (and possibly other states) has clearly paid off. Even if her desired controls on a foreign government (or two or three or….) did not end up being the preferred version employed by the faking USA against Venezuela in 2014, there is little reason to doubt that these attempts at manipulation helped her move on into her current position as a “senior advisor” within the private monster money machine known as Akin Gump. Another notable and easily overlooked aspect of these attempts at manipulating a foreign government is that among the co-sponsors who signed on to the failed version presented by Ros-Lehtinen as hr.4229 in March of 2014 was Tulsi Gabbard -D. Some other important aspects of the program of controlling through sanctions against Venezuela in 2014 are the votes in both the house and in the Senate which put S.2142 into Obama’s willing hands for implementation.

The votes passing S.2142 in the house and in the Senate were both “voice votes.” This means that there is no printed record of who voted for this interference and sanctioning against Venezuela. This also means that the demand for sanctions against Venezuela and the demand of democracy in Venezuela was approved through non-representation of the actions of the congresspersons and senators who were demanding representation in Venezuela. It is possible that a real quorum of congresspersons created this law and it is possible that it was passed unanimously. Who knows? Either way, the right to a lack of accountability in predatory congressional attacks against another country has been protected from the people.

Another significant part of the use of “voice votes” in Congress is that these displays of unaccountability are fairly easily challenged by members who want to be on the record and who want the people to know what the members of the Congress are doing, but when they are not challenged it basically says that the members of Congress do not consider it to be worthwhile for people to know what their so-called representatives are doing. There is no congressional record of the vote on S.2142 in 2014 which you or I may read in order to know who voted or how they voted. This fact leaves no reason to believe that this implementation of a law designed to manipulate another government was seen as problematic by anyone in either branch of the Congress. None of the members of Congress seem to have wanted the people to know how they voted and so, in the faking USA, those who insist on democracy in a foreign nation have created a law through secretive votes.

There is no good reason for unrecorded votes, but it goes on regularly in the Congress. It is a form of In-your-face back-room obfuscating.

Tulsi Gabbard now claims that she is opposed to the congressionally approved sabotaging of a foreign government – a version of which she had co-sponsored in 2014. After the plethora of ways in which the Clintons and Obama showed how little meaning the Democrats and their Republican allies attach to words while they support the predatory corruptions promoted by their Republican partners – especially when they are trying to appear as if they are an opposition party and more especially when they are seeking the presidency (like Gabbard is) – Gabbard’s distancing herself from Trump may just be part of the same old game whereby the Democrats again can dominate in the shared game of global dominion.

I would love to be able to know that my suspicions are incorrect, but there is too much about the history of Gabbard’s support of prejudicial, nationalistic militarism and predators such as Modi in India and el Sisi in Egypt and the democrat organization (including Sanders) which seems aligned with the prejudicial nationalism of MAGA arrogance for me to take anything they say as if it is much more than pandering and manipulation. I also know that anyone who has well-founded suspicions like I do will likely be falsely labeled as a Russian pawn by the pseudo-progressive, Clintonian, corporate-enabling, status quo loving politicos who like to call themselves “Democ”rats while they dodge accountability with their devious allies known as the Republicans.