The Blood of Venezuelan Children for Oil as Collateral Damage.

Those countries that would have us believe they seek to maintain the sovereignty and independence of peoples actually use aggressive force against peoples. While we would like to believe that these countries want to work for peace and security in the world and protect peoples, they have instead resorted to aggressive wars and hostile behavior. Enjoying the veto they granted themselves as permanent members of the Security Council, they have initiated wars that have claimed millions of victims.

Remarks to the 64th UN General Assembly, Muammar al-Gaddafi, 23 September 2009

I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.

Former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright concerning half a million children dying in Iraq as result of economic sanctions.

We know where your kids are’

John Bolton to Jose Bustani

We are conceivably approaching the end of an epoch characterised as ‘Anthropocene’ – and if and when the death throes occur expressive of same it shall be as to the final withdrawal of a veil to an uncovering as per the meaning of ‘Apocalypse?

For the veil has just become further withdrawn over Venezuela?

While it a most unpleasant not to say horrific proposition, the final flashpoint of the Anthropocene epoch shaping up stealthily and quietly to be ‘Venezuela’, which a relatively small country -Population some 32 million people which puts it at almost six times the population of Libya as was – but the key point is that Venezuela sits on the largest Oil Reserves in the World.?

One says ‘final’ – as this time around both China and Russia, whom have invested heavily as respectively in Venezuela are taking an intense as aligned interest in proceedings, and it proving increasingly difficult accordant for ‘happenstance’ and demonization to occur by way of Casus Belli and as per modus operandi on the world stage as ‘Geopolitikal’?

‘Venezuela’ being as to some rebound as to failure at a geopolitical level concerning ‘Regime Change’ in Syria- and as to ‘Return on Investment (ROI)?

-Time as per Geopolitical to draft in the ‘Fugly’ as much aspectual of ‘Lawyers, guns and money‘, and as much as to such portmanteau a collective of career Politicians whom so degenerate they can lie to themselves?

Foremost amongst such ‘Fugly ‘as to proposition accepted by way of pragmatics , and appositely a Lawyer as to Zevon’s lyrics above, Elliot Abrahams, a convicted criminal – and recently appointed Special Envoy for Venezuela. John Bolton as recently appointed National Security Advisor runs a close second concerning ‘ideological whoredom’?

But the real tragedy is to look at what other Nations said by way of representation?

It is accordingly difficult to watch and listen to the statements of the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza at the UN Security Council Emergency Session (video available here at approx 1hour 58 minutes in) without some sense of ‘déjà vu’ and as concerns Col. Gadaffi at the General Debate of the 64th. Session on 23 September 2009, of which the statement summary remains here – unfortunately the links to video on the UN site hyperlinked are down and there is no full text available(!); however a full transcript can be found here.

Venezuela is a rich country as per Oil Reserves and is a Sovereign State with ongoing aspirations towards Socialism. It has been, and is being crippled by Sanctions as per the methodology as applied against Iraq, and the consequences which referred to in the above quote by Madeline Albright. Such sanctions include the refusal to release Gold belonging to Venezuela.

Venezuela represents a much bigger potential coup than Libya, and this as much as quietly there a ‘Coup d’étàt’ recently achieved in Brazil?

Socialism is to be sanctioned to death by Corporatism, it is to be nipped in the bud – and the children of Socialism as to die are but part of collateral damage, as much as Sovereign Nation to be ripped apart and reconstructed as to a ‘transfer of resources’ such the modus operandi?

Children are undoubtedly dying in Venezuela as you read and this as a direct result of economic sanctions as a euphemism for a form of siege waged as ‘ Economic War’; money to support ‘Anti Maduro’ opposition groups by way of fomentation is pouring in to Venezuela; Maduro is being demonised, and there is a named alternative by way of preferred President ‘Gweedo‘ whom will deliver up the resources of Venezuela and its Sovereignty? There are distinct echoes of Victoria Nuland’s infamous taped conversation concerning which Politician should rule Ukraine.

It is as per methodology of the ‘Terror Council’ as Gaddafi described the UN Security Council and as phrase not mentioned in the statement summary on UN website ; a redux refined of Iraq and Libya which is shocking in denial of Democracy and Sovereignty, which is as the clean cut image of many representatives to the UN become tainted with blood, with an obsequiousness to a power structure of terror become visible such the lifting of the veil as Frank Zappa once synonymised as ‘pull back the curtains’ as in:

‘The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.’

The ‘brick wall at the back of the theater’ is now become visible to the majority of Venezuela – and to an increasing proportion of the Western World?

For whom gave America the right to declare the President of Venezuela, where is the Law as per the United Nations as Jorge Arreaza had the audacity to point out; that gives the right to interfere in the Politics of a Sovereign Nation? What gives a ‘person’ the right to declare that the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children is ‘worth it’?

It is a litany of woe and as to tragedy to observe the proceedings of UN Security Council meeting 845 such the polarization evident and as to ‘mockingbirds’ as bought and paid for revealed across a geopolitical spectrum as to a dirge of ‘Thanatos‘ or death: death to Democracy, death to Children, death to Truth, death to Freedom, death to the Pursuit of Happiness?

Such the austerity as of a lack of concern evidenced to achieve apotheosis in ‘Ecocide’?

For there is no doubt that were sanctions illegally imposed on Venezuela to be lifted, many deaths of children would be averted, and the Venezuelan Economy would reflect the fact that it is the richest nation on Earth by way of Oil Reserves. The fact that Venezuela as a Latin American Country is in the backyard of America, while undoubtedly of geostrategic import concerning the logistics of Chinese or Russian military intervention as concerned the prevention of coup in Syria, is irrelevant to the illegality of the attempted coup as ongoing. China is currently Venezuela’s biggest creditor, and Russia also has invested heavily.

The almost inevitable denouement concerning Venezuela is of further polarisation and fomentation which calculated as to establish a casus belli for intervention under the irony of an ‘R2P’ or responsibility to protect, whether by proxy force or by direct deployment of American Military Forces. It is tragic that Geopolitics has been dragged down to such a level of degeneracy where sovereignty of nation is so denied, and that collateral damage as of so many innocent lives lost is ‘acceptable’. It is a matter of some irony that the austerity prevalent throughout the Western World is not being addressed but that money and resources can always be found for war.

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