November 2018

What is to be Done? Looking Past Trump’s Tyranny

A Modern Ethic for a Finite World

Give Us Not Our Daily Trump

Is China a “Responsible Great Power”?

It Is a New Era, But China’s Balancing Act Will Fail in the Middle East

Bolsonaro: a Monster Engineered by Our Media

Waiting for Godot: a Tale of American Democracy

Diverting Class War Into Generational War, Again

Violence Will Ensue If The GOP Loses

Trump Returns to an Old Formula: Lies and Hatred

An Exploration of Suicide and Grief: Sigrid Nunez’ “The Friend”

I Was Threatened With Two Years in Prison for Voting

Sacrificing Border Communities for Political Gain

The Poppy, the Yasukuni Shrine and Remembering 

Lessons From the Trump Tax Cut

Roaming Charges: Seeing John Berger

Trump’s Tribalism (And Ours)

Where We Stand on the Caravan: Five Things You Should Know  

Brazil Moves Right: the Rise of Jair Bolsonaro

Spying, Lying and Dying

Up Ahead

The Khashoggi Gambit

Rescuing the Banks Instead of the Economy

Ireland’s Gaeltacht Regions: Transitioning Into Oblivion?

Marie Colvin’s Wars

Public Spaces Private Control

Rebellious Scientists Issue Urgent Appeal

Mass Murder and American History

History Repeats Itself as Neoliberals Flock to Bolsonaro’s Side

If We’re on the Left, How Come We’re Still Here?

This Website Fights Fascists

What Debate? Some Strategic Electoral Considerations

Jim Crow Kills a Kid

Barred From the Court: US Indian Law = Imperial Relic

The Christine Blasey Ford Episode: State Feminism, the Worthless “Left,” and Liberal delusions

Bach’s Beat

Bill Blum Needs Our Help

The New Global Tinderbox: It’s Not Your Mother’s Cold War

In An Apartment in Brooklyn

The Proud Boy President

Yes, Republicans Want People With Pre-Existing Conditions to Pay Up the Wazoo

With Political Violence, Terror Starts at the Top

Our Rent is Due

Undermined Sovereignty in the Middle East

Bezos & Bipartisanship: Voting For Vets Not Always Best Choice For Them or Us

The Long, Ugly History of American Antisemitism

The Pittsburgh Double Bind: Presidents Shouldn’t Be So Important

Catabolism: Capitalism’s Frightening Future

Angela Merkel’s Last Days

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