November 2018

The Revolution’s Here, Please Excuse Me While I Laugh

A California Jew in a Time of Anti-Semitism

Women as Repositories of Communal Values and Cultural Traditions

The Fascist Creep: How Conspiracy Theories and an Unhinged President Created an Anti-Semitic Terrorist

Stan Lee and a Barrio Kid

Ireland’s New President, Other European Fools and the Abyss 

Hunter S. Thompson: Chronicling the Republic’s Fall

The Tragically Misnamed Paris Peace Conference

Woolsey Fire Burns Toxic Santa Susana Reactor Site

Nuclear Weapons are a Nightmare Made in America

Amazon, Go Home! Billions for Working People, But Not One Cent For Tribute

The Democrats Won Big, But Will They Go Bold?

Dear White Women, There May be Hope for You After All

Beto’s Lasting Legacy

The Importance of Néstor García Iturbe, Cuban Intellectual

Is Dubai Really a Destination of Choice?

The New Abnormal

Judge Orders Moratorium on Offshore Fracking in Federal Waters off California

Toward Racial Justice and a Third Reconstruction

The Boy Who Taught Me About War and Peace

Twitter: Fast Track to the Id

Aid Projects Can Work, But Not “Head-Smacking Stupid Ones”

Baselines for Activism: Brecht’s Stance, the New Science, and Planting Seeds

The War Over Words: Republicans Easily Defeat the Democrats

Climate Change and Wildfires: The New Western Travesty

This Was No Vote Accident

Can El Paso be a Model for Healing?

A Tale of Two Marines

“Winners” in Amazon Sweepstakes Sure to be the Losers

Canada and Saudi Arabia: Friends or Enemies?

Trump’s Enablers: Appalling Parallels

The Disgruntled Former Prime Minister

Scott Gottlieb’s Nicotine Nazism Will Kill Kids, Not Save Them

When Depravity Wins

Here’s an Idea

Democrats and the Mid-Term Elections

Radical Idealism: Jesus and the Radical Tradition

Spraying Poisons, Chasing Ghosts

How Two Demagogues Inspired Their Followers

Ukania: the Land Where the Queen’s Son Has His Shoelaces Ironed by His Valet

An Anarchist Uprising Against the Liberal Ego

Build in a Fire Plain, Get What You Deserve

Today It’s Treasure Island, Tomorrow Your Neighborhood Store: Could Local Currencies Help?

Pythagoras in Queens

In the Wake of the Blue Wave: the Midterms, Recounts, and the Future of Progressive Politics

Climate of Rage

Alternatives to Wilderness?

After the Vote: An Essay of the Man from the North

Snow Day

Talkin’ Jim Acosta Hard Pass Blues: Is White House Press Access a Constitutional Right?

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