November 2018

Criminal Behavior: US May be Developing Biological Weapons

Liar Liar

How Media, Tech, and News Networks Normalize Trump’s Propaganda

Netanyahu’s Ceasefire is Meant to Keep Gaza Imprisoned

Jordan Peterson’s Disturbing Views on Inequality

Approaching Development: GMO Propaganda and Neoliberalism vs Localisation and Agroecology

Migrant Caravan: Branding Migrants “Human Shields” Has a Deadly Motive

“Maybe He Did, and Maybe He Didn’t:” Reflections on Morality in 2018

Paradise Lost

Undercutting Female Circumcision

Geographies of Violence in Southern California

Abolishing ICE Means Defunding it

Why (Mostly) Men Trophy Hunt: a Biocultural Explanation

Hypocrisy Alert: Republicans Agreed with Ocasio-Cortez Until About One Minute Ago

Our Most Stalwart Company

America Fiddles While California Burns

Look to the Right for Corruption

With Nearly 400,000 Dead in South Sudan, Will the US Finally Change Its Policy?

What Can We Learn From a Headmaster Who Refused to Allow His Students to Celebrate Armistice Day?

Global Oil Price Deflation 2018 and Beyond

Why High Technology’s Double-Edged Sword is So Hard to Swallow

Charges Under Seal: US Prosecutors Get Busy With Julian Assange

Remaking the Common Good: the Crisis of Public Higher Education in Colombia

Patrimonio (Trailer)

Shithole Countries: Made in the USA

Why Trump is Wrong About the California Wildfires

Pelosi’s Deceptive Plan: Blocking any Tax Rise Could Rule Out Medicare-for-All and Bolstering Social Security

Have Your Say about Ranching in Our Point Reyes National Seashore

On Earth, as in Heaven: the Utopianism of Edward Bellamy

Will Progressives Ever Think About How We Structure Markets, Instead of Accepting them as Given?

Red Flag Gun Laws

Art of the Smear: the Israel Lobby Busted

What Can We Expect From the Democrat “Alternative” Given Their Record in California?

Trump, World War I and the Lessons of Poetry

Amazon Deal: New York Taxpayers Fund World Biggest Sex-Toy Retailer

We Remember the Great War, While Palestinians Live It

Trump’s Enablers: Appalling Parallels

All of Those Bezos

Whither the Melting Pot?

When Depravity Wins

In Breach of Human Rights, Netanyahu Supports the Death Penalty against Palestinians

Roaming Charges: Fire is Sweeping Our Very Streets Today

Ending the War in Yemen- Congressional Resolution is Not Enough!

Canada and Saudi Arabia: Friends or Enemies?

Here’s an Idea

“Winners” in Amazon Sweepstakes Sure to be the Losers

An Indecisive War To End All Wars, I Mean the Midterm Elections

The Mafia and the Class Struggle (Part Two)

Election 2018 and the Unraveling of America

Democrats and the Mid-Term Elections

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