Here’s an Idea

Today something odd, rare, insane in many ways, and absolutely the right thing to do, happened.  A dozen or more major news outlets wrote an amicus curiae, a friend of the court brief, in support of CNN’s lawsuit over the abrupt, staged, and illegal revocation of Jim Acosta’s White House Press credentials.  Among those outlets included in the brief was, amazingly (or not) Fox News!

What magnetic pole shifted that I did not know about? What could their reasoning be?  Perhaps they, too, are worried about the increasingly unhinged, un-checked, and unbalanced administration?  Maybe they feel that should they dare to anger the president that they may well be the next to feel his peripatetic wrath?  Who is “safe” and who is not is like living on landfill during a major quake; the very earth you depend upon can turn to liquid in an instant and your world, the real world, can be swallowed whole and spit out in some Orwellian nightmare or an Idiots’ making.

Senator Jeff Flake got a conscious (or his balls) way too late in the game this afternoon but did stand for the correct ideology on the Senate floor when he refused to vote on any judicial nominees until the Senate votes to protect the Mueller investigation.  Bravo. By the way……you’re fired, or at least out of there in less than 60 days; drummed out by the beat of the masses for your (occasional) stands of righteousness.  I might add, replaced in a fair and well-fought election by a woman of a Democratic persuasion.  Brava!

And so my idea, crazy thinker that I am, is this.

If Fox News really, REALLY, wants to be taken seriously; I mean this here, really, then they should take a bold and unheard-of stance and really venture forth into the new millennium with a new mission.  This is, or could be, their moment in history.  This could cement them as the Channel of Record for the Republicans and at the same time garner some modicum of acceptance (and support?) from the left!

If they are serious about media access to the government, and transparency and honesty, and “fair and balanced” news casting, then do it.

Show your support FOR a real conservative.

Takes stances, have debates, issue opinions, invite discussion on real issues. Decry the false narrative that has somehow become your default mechanism (and your monetary momentum) and show that you really are what you say you are; true conservatives.

There are dozens upon dozens of conservatives who would leap tall buildings to appear on Fox (and other networks, btw) if you, Fox, had even a modicum of respectability.  Think of how heady the rush would be if you should really become the thing that you have projected yourself to be; a real news outlet that speaks to a conservative audience.  One that speaks truth to power, calls out bullshit (real bullshit) when it sees it and endears itself to an audience that is panting for some relief from the endless, petty, school-yard bullying that has become all too much the norm.

Honestly, I’d watch Fox (occasionally) if they would even deem to have Eric Swalwell on once in a while.  But first, they have to denounce the hate.

Fox has a moment here, a split-second in history, to grasp the brass ring that they so desperately think they already have a hand on.

Just Do It.

Nike won’t mind in this instance if I use them for a legitimate point. Just as Nike promotes people to be their best selves, I challenge Fox News to be their best selves.  Seize the moment.  Transend the ugly reality that we are all wallowing in.  Be YOUR best self.

Here’s An Idea; the rest is up to you.

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Robby Sherwin is a writer/photographer who splits his time between Portland, OR and Key West.  His roaming mind bounces off topics from politics to family.  His past and future musings may be found on pdxwiz.wordpress.com

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