Cucks, Cuckolding and Campaign Management

Talk about a bunch of sad sacks that really stink in the sack. The Trumpocalypse is ruining sex for the rest of us.

Starting at the top with the bottom-feeding Pussygrabber-in-Chief, the “Charles Manson of American Politics” whose scary hair, odious toadstooland garbage-spewing shithole under his snout are such a turn-off there’s a type of PTSD (Post-Trump Sex Disorder) named for him, and moving on through our newest, lying, crying Supreme (who at least no longer coaches girls’ basketball), gangs of racist wife-beaters, creepy ass-grabbers, Proud Boy sucker-punchers, muscle-bound MAGA-bombers and U.S. military-trained, unabashedly misogynisticmass murderers, it’s a veritable frat house of walking, squawking, gawking, stalking, toxic and yes, killeranti-aphrodisiacs. As on most points, the Dems are not quite so Repugnican, but not exactly encouraging; how about that Keith Ellison?

It’s enough to make even a woman who really likes sex sign up for the convent, except… oh no—priests!

And it’s not just a turn-off for the ladies. All this faux news-pumped bad sex—mixed with the usual all-American war worship, racism, crazily widening economic disparities and a corporatized system that makes it easier to buy a gun than vote— is twisting many otherwise quasi-normal American menfolk into erotically impotent, chronically frustrated, lethally unhinged incels and ammosexuals who substitute semiautomatic weapons for working penises.

Granted, much more is at stake here than some dead dicks, such as billions of lives and livelihoods, not to mention the very future of life on our beloved, human-industry-raped Earth. But “America’s War on Sex: Trumpocalypse Edition” is really messing up our love lives too… which, in turn, wreaks havoc on everything else.

Bonobo Way Hugs & Horseface Fantasies

Maybe I’m biased, being a “love doctor” by profession, aka a sex therapist. I believe that a good consensual love life improves your all-around health and happiness and helps you to be a decent, caring person. Moreover, sex is your human right, like food, water and clean air; at least, it should be, for your sake as well as society’s.

Humanity’s closest genetic cousins, the “Make Love Not Warfemale-empoweredbonobo apes, have a lot of sex and never kill each other, demonstrating that good sex for all is key to keeping the peace among primates. That doesn’t necessarily mean “regular” partnered sexual intercourse, such as when consenting partners are unavailable. There’s also the good, calming yoga of self-pleasure, as well as erotic “outercourse” like massage, kink play, sharing food, kisses and hugs. #GoBonobos for hugs!

Still, you have to be in the mood.

The “Lesser of Two Evils” taking the House, including unprecedented numbers of women, people of color and LGBTQ winners, despite rampant gerrymandering and voter suppression favoring the Uber Evil Ones, has given some of our libidos a little pick-me-up, hope being an aphrodisiac. But the proverbial saltpeter just keeps coming, and as the “Four Horsefaces of the Trumpocalypse” (whatever her lawyer may have done, Stormy Daniels deftly analyzed President Spanky’s nickname for her, “Horseface,” as saying more about his bestial desires than about her face) continue to ride roughshod over our rights and sensibilities, drowning our erotic appetites in revulsion, it’s no wonder so many of us human apes are rapidly devolving into despair, loathing, rage and humiliation, as well as more and more lethal violence.

Cuckold Paul Manafort

Sometimes it’s a very particular type of sex or fetish that gets pummeled like Proud Boy prey. Consider the saga of Dirty Donny’s felonious former campaign manager, dictator whisperer, oligarch cuddler and money launderer, Paul Manafort, who is currently ruining sex for decent, consensual cuckolds, hotwives and the bulls who love them.

The once dapper-to-the-tune-of-a-$15,000-ostrich-jacket, now prison-suited, wheelchair-bound Paul John Manafort, Jr. (Paul John, Sr., was a Trump-style mayor of a small Connecticut town, so Junior was to the manner born) popped up in the news since he’s been spending large amounts of quality time trying his silver-tonguing “beta-male” best to satisfy the probing needs of special counsel Robert Mueller’s eager beaver investigators.

Does that include True Cuck Confessions? Inquiring sex therapists want to know…

Over the summer, about 285,000 detailed Manafort Family texts, mostly between the loquacious Manafort daughters, Andrea and Jessica, were leaked, or you might say, gushed forth like Holy Water to thirsty tabloids everywhere. Among other juicy political, emotional and sexual revelations, the Manafort Daughter Texts reveal that Père Manafort is/was an avid interracial cuckold who coerced his wife into participating in group sex with multiple men. Indeed, filmmaker/daughter Jessica was so revolted by Dad’s behavior that she changed her surname to her Mom’s maiden name of Bond, (now getting to say “The name’s Bond. Jess Bond”) shortly after divorcing her real estate fraudster hubby Jeffrey Yohai. According to Andrea, Mama Kathleen was not “into” the cuckolding, and she only participated at Paul’s insistence. Though the Manaforts attended couples therapy, according to the texts, they never brought up this critical aspect of their love life. They really should have. Actually, not to brag (well, maybe a little), but they should have called me.

I would have told them that there’s nothing wrong with consensual cuckolding, hotwife gangbangs, “interracial” sex, kinky sex, swinging, polyamory, BDSM or almost any form of ethical hedonism. Many couples enjoy these pansexual games, and it may even save a few marriages. Cuckolding in particular stirs up the “sperm wars” or “sperm competition” phenomenon, making many an old husband harder for his “hotwife” than he’s been since they first fell in love. Yes, kinky as it is, consensualcuckolding can be very romantic.

The Cuckold Mystique

What’s all this cuckold-doodle-doo’ing all about?According to the (that is, my) definition in the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality, “cuckold” is an Old English term for a man whose wife has sex with other men. The original spelling, “cukewold,” was borrowed from the Old French cuccault, which derived from the cuccu,or female cuckoo bird’s practice of laying eggs in other birds’ nests for these other birds (the cuckolds of the cuckoo) to raise. The pejorative suffix “ault” indicates that the cuccaultis being taken advantage of by his adulterous wife, as by a lady cuckoo bird.

Speaking of fine-feathered savants, the The Owl and the Nightingale, a 12thor 13th century Middle English poem, is the oldest known text using the term, though it reappears more famously in Chaucer’s “Miller’s Tale.” Shakespeare loved cuckolds; many of his characters—both tragic (Othello) and comic (Ford in “Merry Wives of Windsor”)—wonder if they have become one. Later comes Molière’s “The Imaginary Cuckold.” Birds don’t have horns, but somehow the “horns” of cuckoldry emerged along with the word, often represented by two fingers on the sides or back of the head; thus, the cuckoo morphed into the horned and rather horny goat, mimed by scornful adults and laughing children. The word fell out of common usage in the twentieth century, but popular interest in cuckold erotica and cuckoldry as a fetish has been surging since the 1990s and shows no sign of abating, Manafort’s unsavory example notwithstanding.

While the old-time “cuckold” was always deceived by his cheating wife, the contemporary cuckold fetishist is very much aware and aroused by the fantasy and/or reality of his wife, girlfriend or, actually, any woman he finds attractive having sex with another man, or men (there are LGBT cuckolds, but we’ll stick with the traditional, heteronormative pronouns for now). In Old English, such a husband who supported his wife’s philandering was more accurately termed a “wittol” (one who “knows”), but modern fetishists commonly use “cuckold,” maybe because they find spelling one Middle English word (cockhold? cookold? cokehell?) challenging enough.

Typically, the cuckold’s “hotwife” has sex with the other man, sometimes called a “bull” (ironically, an actual bull does have horns), usually while the horny hubby watches or participates. Ideally, everybody respects each other’s desires and boundaries. Of course, the ideal is the enemy of the real, and complications can arise in a wide variety of ways, but sometimes it all flows like a river in paradise, and everyone has a good time.

How Can a Cuckold Like This?

Why would a man want to see his wife having sex with someone else? Wouldn’t he feel jealous? Humiliated? How could he likeit?Why would he go out of his way to pursue it, sometimes obsessively, despite thejealousy, shame and stigma it often entails?

There are various reasons—both organic and cultural—for the seemingly absurd, yet universal appeal of cuckolding. Biologically speaking, the “sperm wars” theory—stemming from evolutionary biologist Robin Baker’s (2006) research—suggests that one man’s “team” of spermatozoa compete for the egg with another‘s. Thus, the cuckold’s seminal volume tends to increase, creating greater arousal and a stronger erection, when he perceives “competition” for his wife than when he feels she is “true” to him, giving him no known rivals on the field.

See why so many men like football… and war? It’s sperm competition with shoulder-pads …or bombs.

Then there’s the “upsuck” effect. A study by Gordon Gallup concluded that one evolutionary purpose of the thrusting motion characteristic of passionate intercourse is for the male member to suck up, clear out and displace another man’s semen before depositing its own. The cuckold’s urge to thrust, through intercourse or masturbation, is often greatly enhanced by the presence of the bull, whether real or imagined. Between a stronger erection and greater thrusting impulse, the cuckold’s arousal level can be far more powerful than contending feelings of fear, jealousy, ownership, betrayal, humiliation or reputation… at least until climax.

From the happy hotwife’s point of view, variety is the spice of sex, helping to resolve the “orgasm gap,” though our society tells us that women who enjoy variety are treacherous “sluts.” But consider this: Most women take longer than men to climax, and many of us can have multiple orgasms, while guys tend to have only one or two per night. Maybe it’s just an evolutionary fluke, or maybe it’s because Mother Nature wants the ladies to enjoy several different partners… and may the best sperm win.

Notice there’s no actual fighting or killing among the actual men in a healthy cuckold scenario; just the sperm.

Make Sperm Wars, Not Real Wars!

Cuckold Culture

There are female “cuckqueens” who get aroused by their husbands having sex with other women, but the most common cuckold fetishists are male. Beyond biology, there are also cultural reasons cuckolding excites many men, even those making horns behind the heads of their friends and rivals.

For some, it’s the invigorating pleasure of “transgression” that Georges Bataille saw as the source of most human erotic ecstasy, turning the pain of shame into pleasure, the subversive joy of overturning the traditional concept of marital “ownership”—even just for one night—and/or the sublime submissive pleasure of surrendering to a dominant woman’s sexual power. Even as they work hard every day to empower the patriarchy, brash powerbrokers like Manafort and Stone often find turning it upside down—as long as what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom—extremely exciting.

Too bad the transgression of cuckolding hasn’t seemed to enlighten these guys (as it does enlighten many practitioners), allowing them to see that sexual ownership of women, anyone and even anythingis a fallacy, and the joy is in the sharing of lovers… and everything good in life (except your sex toys; don’t share STDs!). That’s another great “Joy of Cuckolding”—the pure bonoboesque pleasure of sharing your beloved lover’s passion with others, a stimulating sense of shared intimate pleasure that shatters selfish, narcissistic, unethical hedonism, a feeling so special, there’s a special word for it: “compersion.”

At their core, compersion and “conscious” cuckolding demolish a critical aspect of the capitalist romantic myth. Since you can’t take it with you—not even under the Prosperity Gospel—one main “reason” for the greedy accumulation of excess wealth is for the rich to invest in and pass it onto their precious progeny so that, even though they die, their genetic “legacy” will live on (climate change notwithstanding). But what if their precious progeny aren’t “theirs”? What if they’ve been cuckolded?

Like the Orange One’s Superson Kanye sings about his favorite Gold Digger, “18 years, 18 years and on the 18thbirthday, he find out it wasn’t his.” Conscious cuckolding can motivate a man to question the very meaning of “his” (or hers) and the entire, soul-destroying, earth-raping concept of personal ownership.

On the other hand, maybe one reason for the rising popularity of consensual cuckolding is the reliability of birth control… subject to change any minute with lying, crying, “abortion-inducing drugs” Kavanaugh sitting among the Supremes.

There are other erotic motivators. For some men, cuckolding provides special opportunities to explore their bisexual desires, or at least a very erotic form of male-bonding fueled by sperm wars—which is generally a lot safer than the lethally anti-erotic male bonding involved in real wars. Of course, it can become toxic if and when, for example, a young drunk Brett tries to force a “Devil’s Triangle” on a totally unwilling Christine as his buddy Mark cheers him on, then clumsily tries to join in before the whole mess (fortunately) collapses. But with consensuality, honesty, integrity, mutual respect and a good sense of humor, a good time *can* be had by all.

Though conscious real-life cuckolding is gaining in popularity, it’s still relatively rare in our generally sex-phobic world. More common is cuckold erotica or porn, coupled with unfulfilled personal fantasies that wrestle in men’s minds with the patriarchal dogma that “your” woman belongs to you, like your house or your car, and if you “allow” someone else to be physically intimate with her, then you just let yourself get robbed, Jack.

Consider that the modern cuckold syndrome goes far beyond those who specifically choose cuckold erotica or even identify with the cuckold fetish. In a sense, most porn viewers are cuckolds, since basic “boy–girl” porn appeals to cuckold sensibilities. After all, when a man views typical male−female erotica, he is watching a woman he finds attractive—someone who could be his wife or girlfriend—having sex with another man. Regular porn viewing pretty much cuckolds you.

And there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. It’s natural to be aroused by a little friendly male competition; back to that sperm wars effect that makes so many men hard for hot women. The problems arise because our patriarchal, ownership-oriented society devalues “sluts,” and then, very often, so do these men. Plus, feeling ashamed that their desires don’t follow the requisite “manly” script, these men often devalue themselves… unless they are “woke,” well-adjusted cuckolds in good, sharing, bonoboesque relationships with their hotwives and bulls, friends and lovers.

There are many different kinds of healthy, relatively happy cuckolds, and not all cuckolds are “created equal” or even interested in doing the same things. In fact, one type of cuckold’s major turn-on is another’s total turn-off. To name a few, there are submissive cuckolds, dominant cuckolds, polyamorous cuckolds, swinging cuckolds, sissy cuckolds, fantasy cuckolds, interracial cuckolds, small-penis cuckolds, director cuckolds, lesbian-loving cuckolds, cuckolds-in-chastity, cuckold voyeurs, creampie cuckolds, cuckold wimps, cuckold pimps and bonobo cuckolds who like to share in a Bonobo Way. Each has a somewhat different set of needs and desires, though there’s considerable overlap. Regardless, in all cases, the key to good cuckolding is enthusiastic consent on the part of all partners. This is often challenging to arrange, but essential.

Manafort & Stone: Cuckolds, Inc.

If Andrea and Jessica’s texts are true, it sounds like Papa Manafort was being the worst kind of cuckold, the kind that’s so bad I didn’t even include it in the long list above: the Coercive Cuckold. If Manafort forced, blackmailed, threatened and pushed his long-suffering wife into cuckolding him, as his daughters’ texts indicate, he should be in prison for domestic abuse as well as those eight counts of financial fraud.

However, before I personally condemn Monsieur Ostrich Suit, I’d like to hear from the hotwife herself.  A real estate agent and lawyer who passed the bar in 1988, Kathleen Bond Manafort has been married to Paul since 1978, way back during the Jimmy Carter years, a time ripe for brash young conservatives like Paul Manafort who had joined forces with a fellow twenty-something, unscrupulous “new” Republican named Roger Stone.

Interestingly, this same Roger Stone, now a rather old Republican, longtime Trump Bro, Tricky-Dick-tatt’eddirty trickster” and “dark arts” dandy, currently on Mueller’s short list, is a self-confessed “swinger cuckold.” Stone has placed various personal ads, including one in the October 1999 issue of Local Swing Feverseeking “an exceptional hung in shape man [sic]” for himself, pictured shirtless with a black bar over his eyes, and his “hot insatiable babe,” pictured barless and braless. One would hope (and it would seem) that the “babe,” Nydia Bertran Stone, Roger’s wife of over 25 years, was participating consensually. In a December 2006 post on Dark Cavern (motto: We unite black and white), the Stones advertised for a male lover with “huge, hung Black cock” who “must be 22-40, lean, muscular and hung like a horse… Obidient husband shares her cunt [sic].”

Obviously, Manafort and Stone share a fondness not just for servicing dickheaded dictators, but also actual dicks. The “personal is political”… and sexual. So it is described in the Manafort daughters’ texts, which also reveal thatPapa Manafort was caught in an affair with a much younger woman (Rick Gates wasn’t the only one) with expensive taste and bearing a strong resemblance to daughter Andrea. This extravagant affair appears to have greatly pissed off everyone else in the Manafort clan, catalyzing a distraught Kathleen into confessing details of her spicy sex life to their outraged daughters.

Was Paul Manaforte as much of a narcissistic tyrant in the bedroom as the autocrats, kleptocrats and goons he groomed and fleeced were to the countries they ruled? From Mobutu Sese Seko of the Democratic Republic of Congo (native habitat of the bonobos) tothe pro-Russia former Ukrainian president and mass murderer of protestors, Viktor Yanukovych (“You know he has killed people in Ukraine? Knowingly,” Andrea texted Jessica about Dad), as well legendary shoe fetishist and Philippines despot Ferdinand Marcos, and many more, Manafort serviced dozens of despot and oligarchs before devoting his tyrant-packaging skills to the American Trumpenstein.

Though the porn-driven stereotype of the cuckold is the “wimp,” real-life cuckolds tend to function more like pimps. This could still be consensual for all, with the cuckold being more of a director of the action than a submissive participant and the hotwife roleplaying the “happy hooker.” The daughters’ texts say it was not consensual, that poor miserable, brain-injured Kathleen was cuckolding her selfish husband not because she enjoyed it, but to save her marriage. Sounds awful, not to mention traumatizing. Cuckold Paul’s easygoing attitude to murder and tyranny might have made him a tough beta male to refuse.

However, considering that Kathleen’s cuckoldry confession came out during mother-daughter talk about Dad’s family-wrenching love affair, and how she took the cheating tyrant back and then rooted for him every day in court, I have to wonder if she really always “hated” it as much as the daughters’ texts say she did.

Or perhaps the multi-million-dollar homes, clothes and vacays made tolerating various distasteful activities, from gangbangs to court proceedings, more or less worthwhile in a prostitute-y sort of way. Now I ain’t saying she a golddigger… But that’s why I’d like to hear Kathleen’s side of the story, though she has yet to speak a word about life as a hotwife in Chez Manafort.

Cucks & Cuckservatives

Coercive or just caddish (and I should add, at least somewhat caring, as Paul reportedly nursed Kathleen back to health after a fall from a horse that nearly killed her), it seems that Manafort’s ardent cuckolding fetish includes a strong preference for African-American male partners.

Maybe he (like Stone) feels that “ebony” studs are the oligarchs of sex.

Wow, you might say. What a perverse twist for a dude who ran a political campaign exploiting the seething emotions of sexually repressed, racist, misogynistic, Breitbart-swallowing men who attempt to insult other men whom they feel aren’t sexist or racist enough by calling them “cuck” or combining the terms “conservative” and “cuck” to create the catchy portmanteau “cuckservative.”

Of course, perverse twists and racist, sexist irony is what the “manosphere”of trolls, incels, otaku and other digitally engaged, relationship-challenged young males that hatched the term thrive on. “Cuck” bubbled up to the surface of 4chan around 2012, kicking into gear in 2014 when users began calling petulant software developer Eron Gjoni a “beta cuck” after he posted a series of “Cuck Tales” detailing the alleged (and highly contested) infidelities of his ex-girlfriend ZoëQuinn, stirring up vicious harassment of Quinn, and the right-wing backlash against feminism and women in gaming known as “Gamergate.”

Then some of these misogynist gamers and Trump Bros started calling conservative politicians whom they saw as “weak,” soft or a sell-out to liberals “cuckservatives.” Jeb Bush, whom their idol Trump nicknamed “low energy,” was a prime example, as was middle-of-the-road Republican Mitt Romney, scorned for simply keeping a “Binder Full of Women” as opposed to bragging about nonconsensually grabbing their genitalia. In other words, a cuckservative“cuckolds” his country. More precisely, he allows himself to be cuckolded by liberals, people of color or “nasty women.” The hotwife in this analogy is the cuck’s country, race or (uber ironically), the male gender.

Not so surprisingly, these tough-talking, right-leaning, irony-intoxicated males—old, alt or ault—are more likely to harbor secret (or not-so-secret) “interracial cuckold” fantasies themselves, according to Dr. David Ley (whom I interviewed about “The Myth of Sex Addiction”) and the “politics of cuckolding.”

We return to Stone Cold Roger, who loves to lob the term “cuck” as a political insult, gaily tweeting:

Bannon is a cuck.
Kushner is a cuck.
Anyone who voted for Clinton is a cuck.

Several Twitter replies remind him that he himself is a literal cuck. But no matter. “Attack, attack, attack,” is the motto Stone learned from Nixon and another one of his sexually two-faced mentors, Roy Cohn. “Never defend.”

Meanwhile, the first cuck, Steve “Hobo” Bannon (dubbed “cuck of the system” by none other than the Mooch) famously called the second cuck (Jared Kushner) a “cuck.”  Presumably this pointed slur was referring to the Presidential son-in-law’s “cuckservative” and “globalist” politics… not to Ivanka’s purported interest (according to Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti) in “mulatto cock.” Though who knows?

So here we have a bunch of powerful paranoid men calling each other “cucks,” cheered and jeered by trolling incels growing like mold in parental basements everywhere, and as they all struggle with their desires versus the “masculinity” society seems to demand of them, all participating in a kind of thanatoxic male bonding that has proven deadly to not just human society, but all of life on earth.

Among bonobos, it’s female bonding that lubricates life and love in Bonoboville. The males sometimes hang out together, but they prefer to spend time alone or with the females.  In contrast, common chimp males (who are equally close to human) form strong coalitions that rape females, as well as attack and sometimes kill other males. Maybe a little less male and more female bonding at every level of human culture would do the planet good; the record number of almost 100 women elected to the House this year is a good sign. #GoBonobos!

Meanwhile, the Trumpus himself might be the biggest cuck of all. Yes, he has had many well-publicized affairs, and has been caught lying and trying to cover them up, and then there are the many alleged assaults. Melania appears unphased by any of it, and rumors swirl around the way she looks so coldly at him, batting his short-fingered paws away from her. Some say that the sexy First Lady is having an affair herself with Hank Simer, head of security at Tiffany’s in Trump Tower, and that Trumpty Dumpty goes along with it—maybe it even turns on the old Toadstool—as long as nobody humiliates him, at least not while he’s Prez. It also helps to explain why Mel hasn’t flinched when confronted with Stormy stories. Maybe that’s what she means by “I really don’t care. Do U?

Interracial Issues

Here’s the biggest turn-off: The flagrant and flamboyant sexual hypocrisy of Stone, Manafort, Bannon, Kushner, etc. may not be as bad as the murderous tyrants they politically fellate and pimp out to the public, but it’s related.

This brings us back to the “interracial” aspect of this kind of cuckolding, which is particularly provocative when known racists are the cucks. There’s nothing wrong with so-called interracial sex (though it’s a misnomer), as long as all parties are respectful and consensual. But there’s no doubt that when rabid right-wing, white supremacy-supporting bros like Stone and Manafort practice interracial cuckolding, the natural “sperm wars” effect is peppered with racism, releasing a strong dose of poison to all involved.

Then again, sometimes interracial cuckolding, like any kind of intimacy, has the power to open all parties’ formerly closed minds to our inherent humanity and equality. Sex is funny—and powerful—that way. Yeezy announced his porn preference for “black on white” because it’s his “own reality,” one of his saner recent statements.

In a way, “interracial sex” is the future—which in and of itself is a turn-on—but it has an especially ignominious history in American slavery when “stockmen” and “child-bearing women” were “bred” like livestock or chattel in the most brutal and inhumane ways. After the Civil War and consequent outlawing of slavery, the nascent white supremacist movement radicalized its supporters by fanning the fear of free black men raping white women—in much the same way Trump “rallies the base” against “bad hombres” and the Caravan, appealing first and foremost to their fears, but with an underlying drumbeat of erotic excitement. Yes Virginia, we’re often excited by things that we fear.

Over the centuries, countless innocent African American men and boys have been lynched when white women and men have falsely accused them of sexual assault. Devastating, untruthful charges still abound, as recently shown in stark relief by “Corner Store Caroline” calling the police on a nine-year-old African American boy she said grabbed her ass, when a surveillance video shows nothing more than the boy’s backpack grazing the woman’s back as he walked past her through a tight passageway. Back in his early years as a blowhard real estate crook, Trump took out an ad in theNew York Timescalling to execute the Central Park Five for a rape of which they were all proven innocent. He still hasn’t apologized, insisting they’re guilty even though they were exonerated by DNA evidence.

Such are the stereotypes, fears and jealousies that wrestle with sperm-wars-stoked fantasies in the fevered minds of the racist cuckolds who run the world and rape the Earth.

Can Cuckolding Survive

Modern cuckolding is complicated. As long as it’s consensual, there’s nothing wrong or particularly weird about it. Even the Manafort daughters agree that it would be okay “if” their mom liked it. Of course, no one should force anyone to do anything, but neither should a disinterested wife try to shame or blame her wannabe cuckold husband for honestly bringing up the subject because it turns him on. Rather than coercion or rejection, as a sex therapist, I usually suggest some sort of compromise, like meeting each other halfway (the Bonobo Way) in the Erotic Theater of the Mind by talking about the fantasy rather than diving into the deep end of reality. This often works well for loving couples who want to spice things up to stay “in love” and in lust for many years past Nature’s expiration date.

I don’t know if it would have helped the Manaforts whose cuckolding was just one thread in a tapestry of murderous despot-packaging, oligarch-servicing, laundering money and tyrants, high maintenance girlfriends who resemble your daughter and crooked campaign management to help Make America Hate Again.

Thus I am afraid, as noted at the start, that these sad sacks who stink in the sack—from the trolling young incels to the war-trained mass murderers to the Orange Blob and his court of cuck-calling racist cuckolds—are spoiling various forms of erotic intimacy for the rest of us. The joy of cuckolding is just one of them.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. Whatever you’re into, as long as it’s consensual, stand your ground—not with guns, ammo and hate, but with vibrators, lube and love. Don’t let those cuck-calling rotten scoundrels ruin your sex life!

Susan Block, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Dr. Suzy,” is a world renowned LA sex therapist, author of The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure and horny housewife, occasionally seen on HBO and other channels. For information and speaking engagements, call 626-461-5950. Email her at