Rahm Street

I am a person who is “fucking retarded,” “too stupid and/or too alienated for their own good” and I am not an “adult.” I do not pridefully claim these descriptions. These descriptions have been applied to people who think like I do. The first quote came from Rahm Emanuel in the beginning of the Obama administration in 2009 and was aimed at people who where disturbed by the way that faking administration was creating their corporate controlled healthcare bill to prevent the chance of single-payer healthcare becoming anything more than a pipe dream. The 2nd and 3rd quotes came this past weekend from Paul Street as he tried (unbelievably, for me) to shame people who think like me because he believes in (and simultaneously does not believe in)  the people who have repeatedly enabled the likes of Rahm Emanuel to have more power, even as he claims that he is opposed to the likes of Emanuel. We are supposed to believe that the likes of Emanuel are superior to the likes of Trump. I am too “stupid” to be able to believe such a delusional dogma.

I “stupid”ly never thought that Paul Street would become a triangulating enabler of Pelosi-fied fakery. He so often seems to know what’s best and I certainly do not have the rigor of his intelligence or writing skills.

It is a shame I guess that when I voted early there was no way I could see what a huge mistake I was making when I refused to vote for either the republican or the blue dog democrat republican candidates in my warmongering democrat republican controlled district.

After all of the blatant obfuscating and devotion to corporate capital which was deceivingly sugar-coated by the democrats for the 8 years of the McCain-ish and Romney-fied Obama collusion and then through the heavy-handed manipulating, obfuscating, and fakery of the Hillary Clinton DNC charades, I still am too “stupid” to grasp the intelligence of the need to rely on the DNC version of corporate control of life to bring about progressive change. Just as Hillary Clinton said in regard to the idea of anything like single-payer healthcare becoming a reality, my ability to trust anyone who works to burnish the democrats’ devious scheming is “Never” gonna “happen.”

The fault in my starry-eyed state of “alienated” delusion stems from my  “stupid” inability to see the democrats and republicans as two separate parties which give voice to the hundreds of millions of people over whom they prey. I “stupid”ly keep noticing how it is that these two corporately controlled fronts  continue to find ways to be united in the expansion of predatory and costly privatization and its militarized debauchery.

I am so “stupid” that I believe the craven, heavy-handed corruption of the democrats and their disdain for, and intolerance for, the very things which Bernie Sanders was supposedly demanding (even as he kissed the ass of the Rahms of the DNC) was a key element in the election of Donald Trump.

I can only guess that I am supposed to believe that the democrats lack of reflection is proof that they are not obsessively vain and fickle. According to the democrats, the Russians must have made up my mind for me. The fact that I cannot condone the lies and manipulations of the democrat version of republicanism has to be my fault.

The Trumped up republicans and their plethora of abusive debaucheries have now helped the democrat republicans to manipulate the suckers into rushing back across the starboard and tip the corporate owned, ardently imperialist shipload of squalor to the other side. I am too “stupid” to realize that by going from one side of the same ship to the other side of the same ship that people will be able to escape the sicking ship. I am too “stupid” to realize that by burning the lifeboats (as both the DNC and the RNC insist) of socialistic safeguards we will be able to keep the creaking, sewage seeping ship on it journey to their phony promised privatized Nirvana.

I am told that I must believe that the offensiveness of Trump makes the lies of the DNC more appealing. Damn! Why am I so incredibly ‘stupid” that I do not have a way to grasp that message? I can’t seem to un-know what I have witnessed over the decades of collusion and the recording of those votes where the democrats and republicans in the corporate owned congress are overwhelmingly in unison. Those votes are the key to my “stupid” “alienated” state of failure. Try looking at the vote from the summer of 2017 for the bill known as “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” – H.R. 3364. What you see is that the House voted 419 to 3 and the Senate voted 98 to 2 for a bill which pushed for more sanctions against Iran, North Korea and Russia because the democrats and republicans are grossly unified in their effort to push their bipartisan Trump-eter to create greater hostility based upon their own arrogant bullshit. Damn! I am so “stupid” that I still can’t comprehend how this makes the corporate control mechanism known as democrats worth voting for.

They are awful and they are delusionally dangerous, but Paul Street has, for some triangulated thinking beyond my poor limited ability to grasp, decided to imply that people like me are the ones who are dangerous. He certainly is in the mainstream of the faking USA when he gives us that message. His judgement of my stupidity must be some kind of informed pragmatism, but I keep failing to grasp the wisdom whereby Mr. Street and the overwhelming numbers of like minded intelligent people really believe that he and they can change stupid.

Apparently, I am destined to remain a huge failure as a voting human resource and now I can be certain that I am not an “adult.”

Elvis Costello wrote, in “Tramp the Dirt Down” that the Thatcheristic viewpoint goes thus,

… Try telling me she isn’t angry 

with this pitiful discontent

when they flaunt it in your face

as you line up for punishment

and then expect you to say ‘thank you’

straighten up, look proud and pleased

because you’ve only got the symptoms

You haven’y got the whole disease…

I just do not think I can muster the necessary discipline to pretend and play the game. I’ve never been good at athletics. My vision is too limited.

Voltaire’s Candide is in my heart. My garden is where I belong because I can’t change stupid either.

Clark T. Scott