October 2018

What is It About Bears?

Rula Jebreal: My “Secret Interview” with Jamal Khashoggi

The Middle East, Not Russia, Will Prove Trump’s Downfall

The Assault on The New Colossus: Trump’s Threat to Close the U.S.-Mexican Border

The War on Terror is the Reign of Terror

The Rhetoric and Reality of Death by Grizzly

Teamsters, Hells Angels, and Self-Determination

“No People, Big Problem”: Democracy and Its Discontents In Latvia

Looking for the Next Crisis: the Not Very Scary World of CLOs

Leaking for Change: ASIO, Jakarta, and Australia’s Jerusalem Problem

The Necessity of “Lesser-Evil” Voting

Daunting Challenge for Activists: The Cook Customer “Connection”

A Debate for Auditor: What the Papers Wouldn’t Say


Neoliberalism in the Age of Pedagogical Terrorism

Washington’s Latest Cold War Maneuver: Pulling Out of the INF

Basket of Deplorables Revisited: Grizzly Bears at the Mercy of Wyoming

Hurricane War Zone Further Immiserates Florida Panhandle, Panama City

A Storm is Brewing in Europe: Italy and Its Public Finances Are at the Center of It

An Illegitimate, US-Backed Regime is Fueling the Honduran Refugee Crisis

The Liars’ Bench

Will Trump Split the World by Endorsing a Bold-Faced Lie?

The New York Times’ Animal Cruelty Fetish

Time Out for Nukes!

Yes, Virginia, There are Conspiracies—I Think

Davos in the Desert: To Attend or Not, That is Not the Question

Mothers of Exiles: For Many, the Child-Separation Ordeal May Never End

Pence v. China: Cold War 2.0 May Have Just Begun

Of Pith Helmets and Sartorial Colonialism

Aspirational Goals  

August 20, 2019
James Bovard
America’s Forgotten Bullshit Bombing of Serbia
Peter Bolton
Biden’s Complicity in Obama’s Toxic Legacy
James Phillips
Calm and Conflict: a Dispatch From Nicaragua
Karl Grossman
Einstein’s Atomic Regrets
Colter Louwerse
Kushner’s Threat to Palestine: An Interview with Norman Finkelstein
Nyla Ali Khan
Jammu and Kashmir: the Legitimacy of Article 370
Dean Baker
The Mythology of the Stock Market
Daniel Warner
Is Hong Kong Important? For Whom?
Frederick B. Mills
Monroeism is the Other Side of Jim Crow, the Side Facing South
Binoy Kampmark
God, Guns and Video Games
John Kendall Hawkins
Toni Morrison: Beloved or Belovéd?
Martin Billheimer
A Clerk’s Guide to the Unspectacular, 1914
Elliot Sperber
On the 10-Year Treasury Bonds 
August 19, 2019
John Davis
The Isle of White: a Tale of the Have-Lots Versus the Have-Nots
John O'Kane
Supreme Nihilism: the El Paso Shooter’s Manifesto
Robert Fisk
If Chinese Tanks Take Hong Kong, Who’ll be Surprised?
Ipek S. Burnett
White Terror: Toni Morrison on the Construct of Racism
Arshad Khan
India’s Mangled Economy
Howard Lisnoff
The Proud Boys Take Over the Streets of Portland, Oregon
Steven Krichbaum
Put an End to the Endless War Inflicted Upon Our National Forests
Cal Winslow
A Brief History of Harlan County, USA
Jim Goodman
Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue is Just Part of a Loathsome Administration
Brian Horejsi
Bears’ Lives Undervalued
Thomas Knapp
Lung Disease Outbreak: First Casualties of the War on Vaping?
Susie Day
Dear Guys Who Got Arrested for Throwing Water on NYPD Cops
Weekend Edition
August 16, 2019
Friday - Sunday
Paul Street
Uncle Sam was Born Lethal
Jennifer Matsui
La Danse Mossad: Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein
Rob Urie
Neoliberalism and Environmental Calamity
Stuart A. Newman
The Biotech-Industrial Complex Gets Ready to Define What is Human
Nick Alexandrov
Prevention Through Deterrence: The Strategy Shared by the El Paso Shooter and the U.S. Border Patrol
Jeffrey St. Clair
The First Dambuster: a Coyote Tale
Eric Draitser
“Bernie is Trump” (and other Corporate Media Bullsh*t)
Nick Pemberton
Is White Supremacism a Mental Illness?
Jim Kavanagh
Dead Man’s Hand: The Impeachment Gambit
Andrew Levine
Have They No Decency?
David Yearsley
Kind of Blue at 60
Ramzy Baroud
Manifestos of Hate: What White Terrorists Have in Common
Evaggelos Vallianatos
The War on Nature
Martha Rosenberg
Catch and Hang Live Chickens for Slaughter: $11 an Hour Possible!
Yoav Litvin
Israel Fears a Visit by Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib
Neve Gordon
It’s No Wonder the Military likes Violent Video Games, They Can Help Train Civilians to Become Warriors
Susan Miller
That Debacle at the Border is Genocide
Ralph Nader
With the Boeing 737 MAX Grounded, Top Boeing Bosses Must Testify Before Congress Now
Victor Grossman
Warnings, Ancient and Modern
Meena Miriam Yust - Arshad Khan
The Microplastic Threat