October 2018

A Call to Secular Humanist Resistance: Global Humanism for a Safer, Kinder and Better World

On a Firm Foundation of Mayonnaise: Human and Natural Threats to the Construction of a New Base at Henoko

The Arms Behind the Invictus Games

Meet Larry Hogan, Maryland’s Trump

Sleep of Memory by Patrick Modiano

Brazil, Fascism and the Left Wing of Neoliberalism

Did the Saudis Bury Jamal Khashoggi’s Body Facing Mecca?

The Saudi Blueprint: Arms Sales and Assassinations

The Death Toll in Yemen is Five Times Higher Than We Think…How Much Longer Will We Shrug Off Responsibility?

India’s Me Too Movement: an Interview With Raya Sarkar

The Country’s Most Important Animal Raw Food Producer Has Just Been Put Out of Business by the FDA

America Wants China to Reform Its State-Owned Enterprises to be Market-Oriented: Be Careful What You Wish for!

Housing Crisis, Mental Health Collective Breakdown, 9 am to 5 am Work!

Under the Branches of The Tree of Life

For Better or Worse, Early Voting is Changing American Elections

Joining the 1%

Undoing Patriarchy

Revising Narratives of the Partition of India and October 27th, 1947


After the Khashoggi Murder, It is Up To Israel to Repair the Crack in the Axis of Evil

This is Serious, Help Keep CounterPunch a Corporate-Free Zone

When America Was Great, Savage White Un-Settlers Raped a Continent and Assaulted a Planet

The Poor, the Rich and the Immigrant

Roaming Charges: Drone the Outside World

The Anti-Russia Cold War in the Arctic is Heating Up