What You Can Do About the Saudi Atrocities in Yemen

Photo Source Felton Davis | CC BY 2.0

Since the war criminality embedded in U.S. complicity in Yemen is no less than what was represented at the Nuremberg Trials, it is incumbent upon us to take action. U.S. citizens — no matter what their politics are — must do something about the horror we’re inflicting upon the innocent citizens of Yemen.

After all, what’s the difference between the six million plus victims of The Holocaust and the eight to ten million victims of famine dwelling in the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, where we are guaranteeing their demise? Keep in mind, if you will, as consider that question in light of the fact that untold numbers have already succumbed to death, maiming and irreparable damage in other respects as a result of our tax dollars targeting their immiserated lives.

What can you do about all this?

In no special order, I delineate a short list:

1) Take the obligatory step of informing your representatives that you demand a change in U.S. policy vis-a-visSaudi Arabia.

2) Acknowledge that our policy is intimately associated with Israel’s geopolitical agenda, and — as you cross paths with anyone supporting that stance — make it very clear that their “support” makes them complicit.

3) Boycott — even if only on a minimal level — any company or product contributing to the above.

4) Attempt to engage with individuals who are ignorant about current events in Yemen. This means educators all along the spectrum. PTA meetings should not be out of bounds. Parameters precluding such interaction would certainly not be imposed if the subject were the genocide of…. [I’ll let you complete the sentence.]

5) Write letters to editors, BUT make sure that you give contact information to encourage interaction with readers.

6) Contact the mayor’s office of the municipality you live in, and humbly and respectfully request that the powers that be create a temporary Yemen Day, during which journalists and many others can be invited to spread the word about the informative literature you’ll be handing out at various booths (if you can secure permission for space near the local City Hall).

7) Volunteer to give a speech at a local school, designed to encourage civic engagement which spotlights issues related to Yemen.

8) Write an article with some fresh perspective on Yemen for an alternative media outlet, and underscore the importance of moving in solidarity on this issue following a fresh paradigm. Provide your personal contact information, and emphasize the fact that it is no longer sufficient for writers to document exclusively, that it is mandatory that publishers, writers, readers and one and all who are concerned about the war criminality in Yemen and elsewhere to discuss what viable options exist for making a difference immediately.

Like I said… this is a select list. I can provide many more suggestions if you contact me at couriercrescent@gmail.com. Particularly for those living outside of the U.S.