September 2018

Will There Ever be Justice for Rohingya Muslims?

Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assault

A Victory for Historical Accuracy and the Peace Movement: Not One Emmy for Ken Burns and “The Vietnam War”

US Harasses Cuba Amid Mysterious Circumstances

Things That Make Sports Fans Uncomfortable

Iran: “Snapping Back” Sanctions and the Threat of War

Brexit is Coming, But Which Will It Be?

Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9”: Entertaining Film, Crappy Politics

Why Israel Demolishes: Khan Al-Ahmar as Representation of Greater Genocide

The Zapatistas’ Dignified Rage: Revolutionary Theories and Anticapitalist Dreams of Subcommandante Marcos

Faith, Madness, or Death

Crime Comes Knocking

Pat Robertson’s Hurricane “Miracle”

In Montgomery County PA, It’s Often a Jury of White People

From Citizens to Customers: the Corporate Customer Service Culture in America 

The Shame of Dianne Feinstein, the Courage of Christine Blasey Ford 

Logging and Climate Change: Oregon is Appalachia and Timber is Our Coal

Nike Says “Believe in Something,” But Can It Sacrifice Something, Too?

Weaponized Dreams? The Curious Case of Robert Moss

An Environmental 9/11: the EPA’s Gutting of Methane Regulations

Why Christine Ford vs. Brett Kavanaugh is a Train Wreck You Can’t Look Away From

The Day the Valves Turned: Defending the Pipeline Protesters

Questions, Questions Where are the Answers?

Deplatforming Germaine Greer

It Should Not Be A He Said She Said Verdict

The Accusation That Wouldn’t Go Away

Amazon is Making Workers Tweet About How Great It is to Work There

Rabbi, Rabbi, Where For Art Thou Rabbi?

Has Something Evil This Way Come?

Disarm Trident Walk Ends in Georgia

February 19, 2020
Ishmael Reed
Social Media: The New Grapevine Telegraph
David Schultz
Bernie Sanders and the Revenge of the Superdelegates
Kenneth Surin
Modi’s India
Chris Floyd
Which Side Are You On?
Linda Pentz Gunter
Hysteria Isn’t Killing Nuclear Power
Dave Lindorff
Truly Remaking Social Security is the Key to Having a Livable Society in the US
Bloomberg on Bloomberg: The Selected Sayings of the Much-Awaited Establishment Messiah
Binoy Kampmark
Corporate Occupations: The UN Business “Black List” and Israel’s Settlements
Nozomi Hayase
Assange’s Extradition Case: Critical Moment for the Anti-war Movement
Howard Lisnoff
The Wealth That’s Killing Us Will Save Us: Politics Through the Looking-Glass
Yves Engler
Canada, Get Out of the Lima Group, Core Group and OAS
Nick Licata
The Rule of Law Under Trump
Sam Gordon
A Treatise on Trinities
Nino Pagliccia
Open Letter to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Lima Group Meeting
John Kendall Hawkins
Just Two Kings Talking
February 18, 2020
John Pilger
Julian Assange Must be Freed, Not Betrayed
Peter Harrison
Religion is a Repeating Chapter in the History of Politics
Norman Solomon
The Escalating Class War Against Bernie Sanders
Conn Hallinan
Irish Elections and Unification
Dean Baker
We Shouldn’t Have to Beg Mark Zuckerberg to Respect Democracy
Sam Pizzigati
A Silicon Valley Life Lesson: Money That ‘Clumps’ Crushes
Arshad Khan
Minority Abuse: A Slice of Life in Modi’s India
Walden Bello
China’s Economy: Powerful But Vulernable
Nicolas J S Davies
Afghan Troops say Taliban are Brothers and War is “Not Really Our Fight.”
Nyla Ali Khan
The BJP is Not India, and Every Indian is Not a Modi-Devotee
Binoy Kampmark
Buying Elections: The Bloomberg Meme Campaign
Jonah Raskin
Here’s Hoping
Evaggelos Vallianatos
Herakles in the Age of Climate Chaos
Bob Topper
The Conscience of a Conservative
John W. Whitehead
We’re All in This Together
Gala Pin
Bodies in Freedom: a Barcelona Story
Laura Flanders
Democracy, Dictatorship and Bloomberg
James Chandler
Among Cruel Children
February 17, 2020
Sheldon Richman
Anti-BDS Laws Violate Our Freedom
John Horning
NEPA is Our National Defense System

Evelyn Leopold
How the UN’s Middle East Peace Plan Was Trounced by Its Own Members
Stephen Cooper
“Just Mercy” and Justice Don’t Exist in Alabama
Patrick Cockburn
Sinn Fein’s Victory is Ireland’s ‘Brexit Moment’ When Left-Out Voters Turn on the Elite
Ralph Nader
“Democratic Socialism” – Bring it on Corporate Socialists!
Phillip Doe
Every Day’s a Holiday for the Oil Business in Colorado
Binoy Kampmark
Fashion Fetishism, Surgical Masks and Coronavirus
Cesar Chelala
The Democrats’ New Chapter
Robert Koehler
The Wall: Separating Democracy From Voters
Peter Cohen
Time to Retire the “He Can’t Beat Trump” Trope
Sr. Kathleen Erickson
Lessons From Ministering on the Border